Gold and Lace stamping - BPS review

Hi everyone. Today I have for you my New Years Eve mani! I wanted to try something that I haven't done before so I decided to go for gold nails and black lace.


Snowy Christmas Scene

Hi everyone. Today I have for you a mani filled with Christmas spirit! I wanted to do something a bit more detailed so keep reading and I'll tell you how I did this design. 


First Christmas mani of the year....and my nubbins :(

Hi everyone. Today I have for you my first Christmas mani! I just love this time of year...but first...a few days ago I managed to break three nails at once :( I contemplated getting some gel tips put on at a salon or gel overlays but I decided to file them to nubbins and just let them grow. Luckily my nails grow at a good rate so they should be better length soon. Now onto the mani!


LeChat Perfect Match Hologram Diamond

Hi everyone. Today I have a mani for you that, to me, is simply stunning. This gel polish is called Hologram Diamond by LeChat Perfect Match, and it definitely is a diamond! I love all the holographic regular nail poltish that you can buy but I wanted to find a gel version. When I saw this I just knew I had to have it. 


SensatioNail Strength and Smooth gel treatment

Hi everyone. I have something a bit different for you today, a gel treatment polish! I don't know about you guys but my hands can tell it's winter now....they are always cold and dry currently so I think this is starting to affect my nails. I have noticed they have been a bit dehydrated and weaker lately.


Purple Hearts

Hi everyone. Today I have for you a mani that has hearts at the tips, kind of like a french tip I guess but in the shape of a heart.


You've got to love glitter!

Hi everyone.  Today I have for you a mani that was inspired by fireworks. I took IBD Black Lava and did 3 thin coats. Black Lava has good coverage and applies really nicely.


Gelish - You're Such A Sweet Tart

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts over the last few months, my new pup has been keeping me very busy so it's been hard trying to do my nails, let alone having the time to write about them!


I'm back :) ....with Shimmer and Chevrons.

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts lately. On my last post I showed you my nails that had broken really far down which meant that I couldn't use my Gel polish...but they have grown a bit now so here I am :)


Something different for me..Regular nail polish mani.

Hi all. Today I have something a bit different, a manicure using regular nail polish. Last week at work I completely snapped off two of my nails so they are way too short too cap and still a little sore so I've decided to take a break from my gel polish this week, on those two nails anyway.


Spring is coming!

Hi all. I hope you've all had a good weekend. My weekend has been a pretty quiet one so it's given me chance to try out the decal method! I had heard of this method before from a few people and have been wanting to try it for a while.


Tree Of Life - Guitar inspired manicure

Hi all. I have had such a busy weekend..but there's always time to do my nails! This design was inspired by my boyfriend's second love, his guitars. This guitar has a design on the fret board called "Tree Of Life" and I love the colour and I have a Gel Polish that practically matches it so I just had to recreate it. 


First blog post! Valentines mani with a twist

Hi all and welcome to my blog. My first post is a valentines manicure...with a twist. I had an idea in my head of how I wanted it to look, as usual they never turn out they way I expect! Sometimes for the better, but I don't think that was the case this time. Anyway, I started as always with my base coat, currently RCM's Structure, and then did two coats of RCM's Nervous with anticipation. The bottle is a very baby pink and I think it is meant to give your nails a pink tint but I just think they look clear. Then I wiped off the tacky layer and applied RCM White Hot for the French Tips.
Then I added the heart and the pink outlines. This was done using a brand called Bluesky. It is really good! Very well price and applies well, with good coverage, and has great staying power. This is a colour change gel polish! I then finished with a Bluesky top coat.


About Me

Hi everyone I am Bethany and I am the face behind the nails of B Nailed To Perfection. I live in West Yorkshire (and yes I do have quite a broad Yorkshire accent!) with my partner Adam and our Puggle, Maddie. By day I am a Print Co-ordinator for a polythene manufacturer and by night I am, according to Adam, a "nail geek" lol but I love being a nail geek so that's ok!

He's actually the one to blame for my nail obsession. I never really had a hobby but he always loved his guitars and he said I should find something I love....so the obsession was born! In May 2013 my mum bought me my first gel polish kit and I started getting addicted to gel polish as it was so long lasted. Then I started my blog in February 2014 and starting writing about my mani. 

In March 2015 I bought my first indie polish and the indie obsession started and I think that's when this blog really changed. I'm also a bit stamping addict too and I can't leave a mani plain too long! 

I hope you like  my reviews, post about my nail art and looking at my swatches. Lastly, as everyone likes pictures of cute puppies..here is Maddie.