LeChat Perfect Match Hologram Diamond

Hi everyone. Today I have a mani for you that, to me, is simply stunning. This gel polish is called Hologram Diamond by LeChat Perfect Match, and it definitely is a diamond! I love all the holographic regular nail poltish that you can buy but I wanted to find a gel version. When I saw this I just knew I had to have it. 


SensatioNail Strength and Smooth gel treatment

Hi everyone. I have something a bit different for you today, a gel treatment polish! I don't know about you guys but my hands can tell it's winter now....they are always cold and dry currently so I think this is starting to affect my nails. I have noticed they have been a bit dehydrated and weaker lately.


Purple Hearts

Hi everyone. Today I have for you a mani that has hearts at the tips, kind of like a french tip I guess but in the shape of a heart.


You've got to love glitter!

Hi everyone.  Today I have for you a mani that was inspired by fireworks. I took IBD Black Lava and did 3 thin coats. Black Lava has good coverage and applies really nicely.