LeChat Perfect Match Hologram Diamond

Hi everyone. Today I have a mani for you that, to me, is simply stunning. This gel polish is called Hologram Diamond by LeChat Perfect Match, and it definitely is a diamond! I love all the holographic regular nail poltish that you can buy but I wanted to find a gel version. When I saw this I just knew I had to have it. 

This is four layers and to be honest I think it is more designed to be a topper but I just couldn't resist using it as a full mani. It's so hard to capture the beauty of this polish on camera. To get this coverage I shook the bottle very well before each application. On the nail it feel very smooth, you can't feel any of the glitter.

A blurred picture which captures all the different colours running through this polish. Blue, yellow,  green, red, orange,  pink....it's practically a rainbow! 

Here's a close up for you. Another good thing about this brand is the fact that you get a matching regular nail polish. So if you wanted your toes to be the same but didn't want to use gel, you could use the regular nail polish and hey presto....you have a matching mani and pedi!

I hope you liked this mani. Bye for now x

Here are a few pictures of Hologram Diamond used as a topper.


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