Sparkly nail wraps -BPS review

Hi everyone. Today I have for you a manicure using these nail wraps from Born Pretty Store. The colour I have chosen is number 2 as I love blues.

This is how the wraps looked before I applied them. They are like a colour changing/ombré affect but as my nails are short at the moment you can see mainly blue and then part of the silver near my cuticle area. 

They are so easy to apply and I think they are the best nail wraps I have used. I had no creasing and it was very easy to file off the excess. I did experience tip wear on the second day wearing them but I think that was my fault as I didn't top coat...oops! 

Here's a close up for you. It's like looking at a disco ball....so shimmery!  Why don't you check out Born Pretty Store's wide range of nail art and if you see something you like you can use code BNG10 for 10% off! They also do free worldwide shipping.

Hope you liked this mani. Bye for now x

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  1. How long did they last?

    1. For me they lasted for 3 days, but I had to take them off as I was doing another mani. I think they would have lasted a full week, and there shouldn't have been tip wear if I had applied top coat. For the price of them and free delivery they are worth it