Blue Colour Block Mani

I love blues..don't you? Ever since I saw this tutorial on YouTube by Andrea at Chickettes I've wanted to have a go at colour blocking. If you haven't already read her blog then I insist you do so now!
She does some amazing manis with gel polish and she is one of the reasons I stared my blog, she's a real inspiration to me. On to the mani!

I used a lot of colours for this design which I will list below. I recycled my Gelish, My One Blue Love manicure from last week for the base.

I used a new top coat too, which I think is my new favourite. It is Radiant Mirror Shine no-cleanse top coat from Gel two. It is so shiny I can practically see my reflection! Ok maybe I'm exaggerating a bit but it's good, and it's great that there is no tacky residue once you have cured.

I tried to get a picture where the nails weren't as shiny so you could see all the colours used....but this mani has a hidden colour.

Let's play spot the difference! Can you find the hidden extra colour?

Do you give up? I have used a colour change polish which is a dark sparkly sea blue when cold and a light sparkly aqua blue when warm. In all honesty the change is very subtle as I have used it on a small part of my nail, and it was hard to capture it before it went cold again. I will do a full manicure with it soon.

Colours used from left to right:

Red Carpet Manicure-Drop Dead Gorgeous
Sally Hansen-For Teal
LeChat Perfect Match Mood-Sparkling Mist (colour change)
LeChat Perfect Match-Moon River

What did you think of this mani? Would you try it?

Bye for now x

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