Morgan Taylor Best Dressed Nail Laquer

* Purchased by me

Hi everyone. I have some swatches for you today of this gorgeous nail lacquer from Morgan Taylor.  It is called Best Dressed and it is super shimmery. The finish is metallic.
It is a duo chrome which you can tell from the colour in the bottle.  It shifts from red to orange. It was hard to capture the shift in the picture but I think I managed it on this one.

The colour is in the red collection of their polishes but to me it was more leaning to pink. You can she the orange shift on the sides on my nails here. I did a little experiment on the base of this mani. I used my clear gel as a base on my middle and pinky fingers and then regular nail polish on my index and ring fingers. The polish applied the same on all nails, a bit harder to work with as it has a sort of sandy texture, but they all dried it the same time. I did find that the nails that had the gel polish base didn't get much tip wear compared to the others.

I also managed to find some sun while I was at work the next day! So I popped outside and got a shot of the polish in natural sunlight.

What do you think of this colour? One to add to your collection maybe. I have changed the picture size for this post compared to my others. Let me know if you prefer this larger size and they will continue :)

Bye for now x


  1. This is a beautiful polish on you!

  2. Gorgeous polish and great swatches, I like the photo size :) x

    1. Thanks Ave :) I feel the pictures are getting better now x

  3. What a beautiful polish! The amount of sparkle is just perfect! <3

  4. Wowieee now that's a gorgeous polish.. <3 it.! i have a similar shade from zoya :)

  5. Simply Gorgeous....This color suits you a lot... <3

  6. oh my gosh!! that is so amazing one... luved the shimmer and shade. Want this one!!