Turquoise Stone Sharpie Nail Art

There's been a big hype lately about using Alcohol Inks and Sharpie Pens to get a marbled effect with gel polish....so I thought I would give it a try!

As my base colour for this mani I used Red Carpet Manicure in Trendsetter. This polish was actually given to me as a Secret Santa present at work, they didn't keep themselves very secret though. They kept asking me what was in my stash and what colours I didn't have....how can a polish addict answer that lol there's never enough colours in your stash am I right?! Everyone at work knows how much I like blues so she picked the perfect colour!

The description on the website says this is a Diamond sapphire blue with glitter. They got the glitter bit right but I think it is more turquoise. There is something strange about this polish too. In the bottle, and when you apply it to the nail it is very green, but once it is cured it goes to the lovely turquoise colour that is on the bottle. See comparisons below.
Top image is cured and bottom image is uncured. Do you see the colour difference?

My design was based on this beautiful turquoise stone image I found on Google. To create the design I followed this Sharpie Pen Nail Art Tutorial.

I think it came out pretty well. I actually used a brown Sharpie pen but because of the glitter in the polish it made it appear bronze and gold like the stone so I was really pleased with that.

Have you tried this method before? What did you think of my turquoise stone recreation?

Thanks for reading. Bye for now x

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