Cupcake Nails With Red Carpet Manicure Aquamarine

So it was my birthday on Thursday and these were the nails I wore. I was bought this polish for Christmas, it's a very special polish and I wanted to wait until my birthday to use it.

This is a gorgeous gel polish from Red Carpet Manicure. It's a beautiful Aquamarine colour, which is the birthstone for March and it is actually infused with real gems! I applied 3 thin coats of colour over a white base. After applying my Gel Two top coat it felt a bit gritty still. If I hadn't of already applied the white as a base I probably would have top coated twice but I didn't really want a 5th layer of polish on my nails.

I even managed to get a macro shot to show you the tiny little gems that are in it! Can you see the sparkles?

To make it a bit more special I added some cupcakes from MoYou Alice plate 10.

To do the cupcakes I used the Advanced Stamping technique and coloured in the icing using Icy Purple by Avon. Once I stamped the image onto my nail I top coated it with HK Girl. Then I wanted to add a bit of glitter. So I used Night at the Cinema by LeChat Perfect match to add some sprinkles and Hologram Diamond by LeChat Perfect Match for the bun casing. I wanted it to look a bit 3D so I did a few layers and didn't top coat. 

Products used:
Moyou nails - Black Stamping Polish
LeChat Nail Lacquer - Night At The Cinema
LeChat Nail Lacquer - Hologram Diamond
Avon Metallic - Icy Purple
H K Girl Glisten and Glow Fast Drying Top Coat.

What did you think of this mani? Nice and sweet? ;)

Thank for ready. Bye for now x

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