Dashica Stamping Polishes

One of my birthday present this year was some new stamping polishes! So I thought I would share some swatches of them with you guys. I have stamped them all over a black and white nail pop to show how well they appear over light and dark backgrounds.

First up we have this lovely Pink. In the bottle is looks more baby pink but once it is on the nail it is a bit darker. As you can see from the above it stamps really well over black.

Then we have this beautiful Copper Shimmer. It was very shiny so my camera didn't like taking this picture, as you can tell from the glare on the white nail, but I can assure you that it stamped well on the white and very well on the black too.

This is a dark Purple and it shows up very nicely on the white nail but not so much on the black.

Metallic Turquoise was the one that I was really looking forward to using as I thought it would show up beautifully but it was quite toned down on the white, however I was impressed with how well it stamped on the black.

This is a Shimmer Brown but I didn't really see a shimmer when it was stamped. Shows up quite nicely on both nails.

I can't get over how gorgeous this Blue stamped on the white nail. It just pops right out at you! It's too dark for the black. This colour has an almost jelly like consistency which is different to the rest.

And lastly we have Lilac which is a lovely cream shade and it's another one where my camera didn't like taking the picture. It stamped well over both colours. 

Overall I am very pleased with these and I will definitely be purchasing some more very soon (along with some Infinity Stamping Plates!). You can buy them from Dashica Beauty Shop and the delivery is very good! Only cost a little bit extra as there were more than four polishes but my order arrived within a few days from the Netherlands :) I can also report that these polishes don't smell really strong which was a big plus for me. 

If you want to check out some more swatches I highly recommend this YouTube Tutorial  by Sarah R - Nail Art Designs. It was her YouTube video that made me want to purchase these! 

Hope you enjoyed this post. Would you try these stamping polishes? Let me know in the comments below.

Bye for now x

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