My First Successful Water Marble

Wooooo...I have successfully done a water marble! I first tried a water marble about 2 years ago when I was just getting obsessed with nails... it did not go well. I couldn't get the polish to anchor to the sides of my glass so I couldn't draw any nice design in the polish and the polish I had was, to put it politely, crap! So now I have better products I thought I would give it a second shot and hallelujah it worked!

I used two of my holograhpic Color Club's, Over the Moon and Miss Bliss. To make the polish stand out more I used a base of Morgan Taylor's All White Now.

To top it off I used H K Girl Glisten and Glow fast dry top coat. I use this all the time now.

What do you think of my water marble? I pretty pleased that it worked this time :)

Bye for now x

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