The Edge Nails Review

The Edge Nails are one of the UK's leading professional nail care brands and they sell a wide variety of products including nail files, nail art, nail polish, gel polish and many more! I have heard of The Edge Nails as I have bought their Silk Wrap Kit which has saved my nails on many occasion. I currently have this on my thumb holding a split together! When they asked to send me some products for review I was very excited to be able to share them with you guys.  

So the first product I tried was the Nail wraps. They have a huge variety of them and I think they are very well price at £1.14 for 20 wraps per packet.

I'm not the best at applying nail wraps so this didn't go to well for me! I thought I would make them look different, almost like a negative space effect but I think they would have looked better with polish underneath them.

Now on to the most exciting product for me......Gel Polish! I was sent Marine Blue and Raspberry. These are also really well priced at £10.74 for 15ml. They cure in UV for 2 minutes and in LED it's 60 seconds. For application you would follow your normal prep routine. For my base and top coat I used Gelish Foundation and Gelish Top It Off.

Firstly we have Raspberry which is a lovely shimmery deep pinky red. This is 3 thin coats although 2 coats would probably be ok. It went on very smoothly. These polishes are a bit thicker than the other brands I have but I like that as there was no pooling near my cuticles and no shrinking. 

They also sent me some cute Nail art stickers which I added over the top of my Raspberry mani. How sweet are those flowers?!

Here we have Marine Blue which has a gloss finish and it is a very light cobalt blue. Application was very smooth again and this is 3 thin coats.

Wear Test Results

I used Marine Blue for my wear test on my right hand. As you can see by the pictures it lasted well, this was on the 11th day. It would have definitely lasted the full two weeks, many even more, but I had to remove it to do other manis. Plus, my OCD was starting to kick it after having odd hands for nearly two weeks haha!

I did have slight chip on my thumb but I don't think it's very visible on the picture as it was where I capped the free edge.

For removal it says to etch the surface with a 180 grit file but I personally find that removal takes the same amount of time for me if I don't buff and usually the gel polish comes off in one sheet rather than lots of flaky bits. To remove I use Signature Conditioning Soak Off Solution. It is the best remover I have used so far and it doesn't dry out your skin. I soak a foil wrap in the solution and wrap it around my finger. Then I put on my rubber gloves and do the washing up!

I do this because I hate sitting still and waiting, and the heat from the water makes the gel polish come off super quick!

This was the result after soaking and washing up for around 8 minutes. The polish was just flaking off and required no scrapping at all. Dream removal!

My nails after removal. 

Overall I think The Edge Nails gel polish is brilliant. It applies really nicely, lasts well and removes beautifully. What more could you want from a gel polish?! 

If you decide that you would like to swing by The Edge Nails and treat yourself to some lovely new nail mail make sure to use WELCOMEOFFER at the checkout for 20% off your first order.

What do you think of The Edge Nails? Have you used their products before?
Bye for now x 

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