Paint The Rainbow - The UK's First Indie Polish Box

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*Purchased by me

So I've got an extra post for you guys this weekend and this is something special! I recently bought the UK's first Indie polish box and I couldn't wait to share it with you all. These polishes will no doubt appear here again in the future as I want to have a chance to wear them all as they are gorgeous!


Essence Summer Nail Art Blogger Challenge

The lovely guys at Essence sent me a goodie bag to create a mani for their Summer Nail Art Blogger Challenge. They sent three polishes, a nail file, a dotting tool, neon nail stickers, 3 sponges and a striping brush.


Glam Polish Charmed and BPS Review

This is strange right, another mid week post?! I've been thinking of increasing my posts to twice a week for a while now as I feel like I have a lot to show you guys at the moment, so one post a week just isn't cutting it. Today's post is about the gorgeous Charmed by Glam Polish and some nail art that I created using Born Pretty Store Nail Vinyls.


HPB Presents Neon - Uber Chic Stamping Decals

Over at Hobby Polish Bloggers we are desperately trying to hold onto summer so this months them is neon! I decided to try my hand at full nail decals with my new Uber Mat and some neon polishes.


Bestie Twin Nails with @theonenailqueen

Well this is strange posting on a Wednesday right?! Hopefully this cute butterfly mani will brighten up your hump day. I've recently made a really good nail buddy - Sam from @theonenailqueeen. We talk practically every day about nail stuff and offer advice to each other with our manis so we decided it was time to do some Bestie nails! 


MoYou Nails Review

Hey guys. I was recently contacted by MoYou Nails to see if I wanted to provide an honest review on some of their stamping products. As you know I love stamping so of course I said yes!


Berry Good looking - Cupcake Polish

*Picture Heavy

Hey guys. I have an absolute stunner of a polish to show you today. I am normally a sucker for blues but Berry Good Looking by Cupcake Polish has stolen my heart! There are quite a lot of pictures in this post as I really couldn't decide on just a few so hope you stay tuned till the end.


Color Club Gradient with Uber Chic stamping.

I did these nails a few weeks back now so I think it's about time to post them. I've been experimenting with gradients more lately...because who doesn't love gradients? Especially when it's a holo one!