Berry Good looking - Cupcake Polish

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Hey guys. I have an absolute stunner of a polish to show you today. I am normally a sucker for blues but Berry Good Looking by Cupcake Polish has stolen my heart! There are quite a lot of pictures in this post as I really couldn't decide on just a few so hope you stay tuned till the end.

Berry Good Looking is my first Cupcake Polish and boy am I glad this is my first. It is a purple holographic which is opaque in 2 coats, maybe one if you apply it a bit thicker.

Pictures shown are top coated with HK Girl Fast Dry Top coat.

This is direct sunlight and just look at how this baby shines. I wore this for a full week, with quite minimal tip wear too. If anyone said to me that I had to wear one polish for a whole year, ok maybe a month, it would have to be this!


I wanted to stamp something on this but it needed to be quite simple so it didn't take away the beauty of the polish. I chose two star images which were both from Uber Chic Set 2 - plate 1 and 2. After all Berry Good Looking is star of the show.

I stamped with my Creative shop Stamper and Dashica stamping polish in black.

I really love this star image and it has picked up beautifully. 

I also managed to get a late sun shot of the finally mani.

If you are still here..thanks for looking at all the pictures :) What do you think of this polish? One to add to your collection?

Bye for now x

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