Color Club Gradient with Uber Chic stamping.

I did these nails a few weeks back now so I think it's about time to post them. I've been experimenting with gradients more lately...because who doesn't love gradients? Especially when it's a holo one!

The colours I used are both from Color Club and they have appeared on the blog before but I love them so much I wanted to team them together for this mani. The pink is Miss Bliss and the blue is Over The Moon. I did the gradient using a sponge and this was actually the first gradient I did so the blending isn't great but I intended to stamper over it anyway.  

Luckily the sun was out the day I did this so here's a quick sun shot.

For the stamping (yep you guessed it) I used one of my Uber Chic plates. Plate 1 from collection 3. 

I stamped using my MoYou nails black. I now have a better black stamping polish so I can chuck this one as it about to run out! I still love this image over the gradient, even though it's not perfect.

So what did you think of my first gradient attempt? I should have posted these before my Starry Night Sky gradient but oh well!

Bye for now x

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