Paint The Rainbow - The UK's First Indie Polish Box

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So I've got an extra post for you guys this weekend and this is something special! I recently bought the UK's first Indie polish box and I couldn't wait to share it with you all. These polishes will no doubt appear here again in the future as I want to have a chance to wear them all as they are gorgeous!

Paint The Rainbow polish box was a complete mystery. All that had been revealed were the brands and the inspirations for the polishes, which were the above album covers.

All polishes are opaque in two coats and topped with HK Girl Fast Dry Top coat. Also, four of of the five polishes are new brands to me. So lets see some swatches!

First up we have Teenage Dream by Lilypad Lacquer and the inspiration for this polish was Katy Perry's album, Teenage Dream.

Teenage Dream is a very light lilac with blue glitter flakes and a subtle holo finish.

You can really see the blue glitter flakes in this macro.

As I reside in rainy England I had no sun when I did these swatches so I unfortunately had to settle for an artificial flash to show you the holo. Teenage Dream has a very subtle holo but I do love how the blue glitter flakes sparkle.

Next up we have Friday I'm In Love by Fair Maiden and the inspiration is the album Wish by The Cure. You can totally see the album cover represented in this beautiful burnt orange.

I didn't actually think I was going to like this polish as it's not a colour I normally go for but I love it! Very appropriate for autumn too.

Once again, no sun, but the holo still looks beautiful even if my hands look white!

If you've read my blog for a while now you'll know that CBL was one of the first indies I tried and had me hooked from that day on! Dangerous was inspired by Michael Jackson's album, also named Dangerous. It is practically opaque in one coat but two has better coverage.

This was another one I didn't think I would like but it's stunning. Dangerous is a very dark green holo with a hint of blue. It reminds me of the type of dark green you seen on Christmas trees.

Now look at that holo baby!! I really do think the holos from CBL are fantastic.

This is the stunning Kinda, I Want To by Bear Pawlish. The inspiration behind this one was Nine Inch Nails' album Pretty Hate Machine.

It's a black holo with multicoloured particles in it. It's has a real spacey feel to it.

You can really see all the different coloured tiny glitter flakes running through the polish!

Last, but certainly not least, is the beautiful Oceanborn by Dark Metal Lacquer. This is my favourite of the bunch! The inspiration was Oceanborn from Nightwish.

Oceanborn is most definitely a blurple holo. I would say it leans more purple in real life but the blue shines through. 

The blue comes through more in this flash shot showing the holo.

There was also a new cuticle oil product by Rainbow Connection that was included in the box. It's really nourishing but not greasy and I love the roller ball application. I think this one will be kept in my bag for on the go.

If you want to buy the next instalment of Paint The Rainbow you can buy it through Rainbow Connection UK when it becomes available. You can also keep up to date and see inspirational images by joining the Paint The Rainbow Facebook group here.

There is also a chance to win this box on Paint The Rainbow's Instragram page - check it out here if you have Instagram!

If you are still reading then yey thank you :) Which shade was your favourite? Do you own any of these brands?

Bye for now x

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