Celebrate with Nyx Celestial Cosmetics with Uber Chic stamping - Poison Ivy nails.

On the blog today I have the stunning Celebrate with Nyx with some stamping. All I could think when I looked at these nails was, this would be the perfect mani for Poison Ivy from Batman. Don't you think?

Celebrate with Nyx is from Celestial Cosmetics and it was specially made to celebrate their second birthday. It is described as a teal linear holo but on pictures it show as more of a turquoise colour. When it arrived I was very surprised how different it is in person compared to all the swatches I've seen.

This picture is probably the most colour accurate. It's got a strong holographic finish and green tones - you'll see this in another picture soon!

This is in direct sun but it wasn't very strong sun but you can see the holographic finish shining through.

I stamped using Uber Chic Collection 1 plate 2.

I stamped with Dashica stamping polish in black. I really love this image over Celebrate with Nyx.

This shot was in very bright direct sun. See what I mean about the strong holo and green tones! I got Celebrate with Nyx from Rainbow Connection but it's out of stock now.

What did you think of my Poison Ivy nails? Maybe a good alternative for a Halloween mani!?

Bye for now x

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