HPB Presents Autumn - Friday, I'm In Love and Uber Chic Stamping.

I think summer has well and truly left the UK so this months Hobby Polish Bloggers theme of Autumn is very appropriate. Luckily I had one perfect polish for my base colour and I tried my hand at decals again using my Uber Mat.

Friday, I'm In love by Fair Maiden came from my first Paint The Rainbow Box. It's a gorgeous burnt orange, coppery colour. This is two coats.


Here are the two plates I used. Plate 2 from collection 1 and plate 2 from collection 2. I used the leaf patterns for an autumn feel.

I went for a very subtle stamp on my thumb buy using a gold stamping polish. It was hard to capture it on camera but it was really shimmery in real life.


To make this image I laid down a layer of top coat on my Uber Mat, let it dry and then stamped the image over it in black. Then I began to fill in the leaves with different colours. Once it was dry I peeled it and applied it to my nail. Here's where I went wrong in my last decal mani as I applied a top coat to my nails before I placed the decal onto it. I found it's better to apply the decal directly to your nail, press it down, remove the excess with a nail tool like a cuticle pusher. Then clean up with acetone and top coat.

I've since seen other bloggers/instagramers doing the technique this way.  

Here are the different stamping polishes that I used for the leaves.

What did you think of this mani? Have you tried the decal method before?

Just a quick note to say sorry if you saw this post last week sometime and it didn't make any sense. Not sure what happened but Blogger managed to publish this post before I had even finished it lol it was just a post full of pictures!

Anyway, don't forget to check out all the other amazing HPB Autumn manis below. Bye for now x

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