Soap Dodger Review - Hand Lover's Gift Set and Extras

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I have something a bit different on the blog today but it's still nail related! The lovely Kat from Soap Dodger sent me her new Hand Lover's Gift set to review along with a few other items. 

In the Hands Lover's Gift Set you get 100g tub of Hand Love (Butter Love), 70g Hand Repair Balm, 20g Cuticle Balm, Cotton gloves and a mini 'Ard As Nails nail polish. This set is £16 and is a brilliant gift for nail lovers or people who really love to take care of their hands. It all comes in a white box with a cute bow!

First up we have the Cuticle Balm. In this balm there is a natural blend of rich butters, Jojoba wax and a mixture of essential oils. You only need to use a small amount on your cuticles so this will last for ages! It's very smooth and it dries to a matte finish so it's great for applying before pictures as it doesn't leave your skin all shiny.

Hand Love is from Soap Dodger's hugely popular range, Butter Love. It's an intense hand butter for those who suffer with extremely dry skin. It contains Mango Butter and Rice Bran oil. Rice Bran oil is a light emollient oil which is rich in vitamin E and contains both oleic and linoleic acids. Hand love is best used at night in conjunction with the cotton gloves. You only need a small amount as it is so rich but it soaks in very well. I used this practically every night for the last 3 weeks and it really has made a difference to my skin. It smells lovely too!

Also in the gift set is Hand Repair Balm. This has a strange oily type texture but boy does it make your hands feel good! It is meant to help with dry cracked skin and it also soothes tight skin. It is made from ingredients such as olive oil, Shea butter and lemon wax. This is best applied to affected areas and left to soak in so it will soften the skin. You can also use it in conjunction with Hand Love.

The polish in this gift set was a mini bottle of Maxi Baby. Maxi Baby is described as a medium fudge. The formula was lovely and I used three thin coats with top coat. This polish is also 5 free.

This was a separate item that was sent to me and it's a bit of an exclusive as it's not even on the website yet! This is a foaming hand scrub and it smells absolutely divine! It smells like a mixture of berries and summer fruits.  

It has a similar texture to the Repair cream but it's not oily and has tiny exfoliating bits in it. This Foaming Hand Scrub should be available just before or just after Christmas, with fragrances to be finalised.  

To use it you just apply a small amount to your hands and rub your hands together under some water and it turns in a lather. It leaves your hands feels smooth and smelling beautiful.

Hemp Love is one of my favourite items from this review and I think I will always need a tub of this in my life! During the last few weeks while I have been testing the Foaming hand scrub and Hand Lovers gift set, I had been chatting to Kat and advised her that I had a flare up of pompholyx, which is a type of eczema that mainly effects the hands and feet. The Hand Repair balm did actually help with the flare up but she advised me that she was going to send me some Hemp Love.
Hemp seed oil is naturally rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 oils, and is an excellent source of vitamin E. This oil helps the skin to battle the effects of dehydration and protects against dry skin. This really did help with my eczema and cleared it up within a few days. It also helped with a random sore, dry patch of skin that appeared on the back of my neck. It smells of lavender and eucalyptus. This is priced at £4.00 for a 50g jar and this size tub will last for ages!

From what I've seen so far of Soap Dodger's products it's safe to say there will definitely be more things on their site that I would purchase for myself and others. The Hand Lover's gift set is a fab idea to treat someone or yourself! Why not?! The Foaming hand scrub is a brilliant product and a great alternative to regular hand soap and Hemp love is now going to be a staple item on my bedside cabinet. 

What do you think of these items? Would you buy the gift set?

Bye for now x

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