Hit The Bottle Review - Nail-Artisan

Nail-Artisan recently sent me some Hit The Bottle stamping polishes for review. There are 4 cremes from a new collection and 1 shimmer from an older collection. All colours have been swatched over black and white.

Call a Plumber is a rich plum shade. It has stamped well over both colours but I prefer how it shows up against the white.

Let's go to the Peach is a bright peachy orange. This shows up nicely over both colours.

Smurf Blood is a smurf blue. This is my favourite from this collection and I love how well it shows over both black and white.

Drunk Pink Tank is a pale pink colour. This shows up very nicely over the black.

I felt that the previous pictures showed the pink very glarey over the white so I took a picture in lower light so it's easier to see. 

Absinthe Minded is from an older collection and this is a bright grass green with shimmer. This has stamped beautifully over both black and white.

Overall I think all the polishes have stamped beautifully over both black and white and my first impressions of Hit The bottle are great! I definitely need to add some to my collection. You can pick these up from Nail-Artisan for £6.50 each.

Here is a swatch video on YouTube if you want to check that out.

Bye for now x

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