Lady Queen Review - Stamping plate case

I have a quick review for you guys today of this lovely Stamping Plate Case from Lady Queen. Do you ever find yourself losing your small round/square shape plates? I know I do. I never have anywhere to keep them safe and them just end up lost in the bottom of my vanity case....until now!

This little case measures approx 8cms x 8.5cms and it has 12 plastic wallets. The plastic wallets will hold two plates back to back so that means it will hold a total of 24 plates. They are all secured in the bottom right hand corner and you twist them to the right so you can put the plates in.

As you can see from the picture this round plate fits in very nicely. I also have tried to fit in some square and octagon shape plates. They do both fit in but the square ones are a bit of a tight squeeze!

All in all, I think this is a great little case for your random small plates. It's very nice, sturdy, comes in a range of colours and it's only £3.31! Don't forget to check out Lady Queen's wide range of nail art and use my code ABCS15 for 15% off at the checkout.

Bye for now x

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