Madam Glam Swatches and Review

Madam Glam recently contacted me to see if I would like to review some of their products. They sent me four nail lacquers and one colour change gel polish and they arrived in a lovely box, well packaged with lots of bubble wrap. Their nail lacquers are vegan, cruelty free and 5 free. Let's see some swatches!

High Standards is described as a barn red and it is quite dark. I feel it's too dark for my skin tone but it is a lovely colour. This is two coats without top coat.

Pastel sky is a lovely pale azure blue. I really do love this colour as it is more me. Two coats without top coat.

Endless Passion is the last of the nail lacquers. This is a deep red colour and quite similar to the colour of red wine. Two coats without top coat.

A la mode is a colour change gel polish that turns from a very dark browny/green to a burnt orange when warm. I did do three thin coats but depending on how dark you want the colour to be you could probably get away with two.  
I couldn't actually find A la mode on the website but it looks very similar to Best Friend.

Here's A la mode in it's cold state. (please excuse my dry pinky, the weather has turned very cold and my fingers don't do well in the winter!).

Here's A la mode in it's transition state. So my nail beds are warm and free edge cold. I couldn't get a picture of the full warm colour as it was way too cold and it kept changing back to the darker colour as soon as I took my hand out of the warm water!

My overall impression of Madam Glam is good. They have lovely polishes that have great opacity and really nice application, no streaking. My only issue is the brush size on the nail lacquers as the stem is quite long which I am not used to, but if you make sure to wipe off the excess polish you should have no issues.

I found the brush on the gel polish quite wide too. It was fine on all my nails apart from my pinky but I do have quite a curved cuticle area and I have to be extra careful around that area on my pinky when applying any gel polishes.

If you fancy any of the products on the Madam Glam website use my code BFBnailedtoperfection for a whopping 40% off as part of an early Black Friday sale!  

What do you think of these polishes? Do you own any Madam Glam polishes? 

Bye for now x

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