Midi Rings - Lady Queen Review.

Cheers to the weekend guys! I'm glad it's Friday and I bet you are too. I have a review for you today of some lovely rings from Lady Queen. There's four in the set, they are all one size and have a silver look to them.


F.U.N Lacquer The Art Of Sparkle (H) Swatches

Hey guys hope you are all doing well. Nearly half way into the working week already and I'm here to put a bit of bling into you day with this gorgeous polish from F.U.N Lacquer!


40 Great Nail Art Ideas - 3 Shades of Purple - Waterfall

*This post contains previous press samples

I have a quick 40 Great Nail Art Ideas post to share with you today, which is 3 shades of purple. I've not been very well this week and left this mani a bit late. I wasn't too sure what to do with my prompt, waterfall, other than the typical waterfall mani you see these days.


Jessica - The Truest Of Blues Duo - Swatches and review

The January blues have definitely set in for me! I've just come down with a terrible cold that's all in my sinuses which is making it so hard to write...but the show must go on as I have these beautiful polishes to show you. I was contacted by Gerrard International to see if I would like to review the new colour collection from Jessica called The Truest Of The Blues Duo. Gerrard International provide professional beauty products to UK spas, beauty salons and mobile therapists.


Cupcake Polish - Peace

I wasn't feeling very inspired the week I did this mani as I've had a lot of DIY going on at home. I actually kept this on for nearly a full week and my nails were plain?! Shocker right. Good job this polish was a stunner.



40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Pale blue base -Water colour

I'm back today with another theme from Crumpets Nail Tarts and this week the colour is pale blue and my pattern is water colour. For a long time now I've wanted to try out Nimbus nails which was a technique The Nailasaurus came up with, and this was the perfect opportunity. 


Twin Nails with @starryeyed83 - Radial gradient

I'm back to work this week :( as much as I complain it is nice to be back into routine and actually know what day of the week it is! So for this miserable first week in January, Jayne from @starryeyed83 and myself came up with some bright twin nails. We went for a neon radial gradient with stamping from Uber chic.


Happy New Year! Berry Good Looking, Edith and Uber Chic.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a fab evening. I just spent it with the other half and our dog watching a film...So rock and roll eh!? Even though I didn't go out I still had to do some NYE nails and I did these as a twin mani with my best nail buddy, Sam aka @theonenailqueen.