Femme Fatale - Grandfather of the Desert - Uber Chic stamping

I got some Rainbow Connection vouchers for Christmas and I decided to buy a few colours that I wouldn't normally go for, and gold is one of them. This is a beaut of a polish!

How stunning is Grandfather of the Desert?! This is my first Femme Fatale and I love it. It's a gold microglitter polish in a clear base and it's packed with holographic glitter and flakies. It almost looks to have blue flakes too! I painted on the first coat and then sponged one a few more coats for maximum glitter!

I'm getting a bit more artistic with my pictures due to my new camera! 

I also got one of the clear stampers from Ali Express. Due to such mixed review about the original clear stamper I hadn't bothered to get one but as this one was so inexpensive I had to try it and I'm really impressed! They are very weird to stamp with at first as when you look down the holder is almost magnifies your nail and you think your nail is closer than is actually is. I also think I was pressing too hard as the image wasn't great on my middle and ring finger, but placement was on point at least :)

The image on my thumb was the last nail I did and I'd got a hang of the stamper by then and was super happy with the image. The images are from Uber Chic plate 6-02 and the black is Pinguno from EDK.

As you can see it was smudged on my ring finger but practise makes perfect as they say! I had to use two top coats as the glitter kept soaking it up and making the stamping look matte.

What so do you think of this design? Have you got a clear stamper?

Bye for now x

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