Midi Rings - Lady Queen Review.

Cheers to the weekend guys! I'm glad it's Friday and I bet you are too. I have a review for you today of some lovely rings from Lady Queen. There's four in the set, they are all one size and have a silver look to them.

The first ring is meant to say Love but it's hard to make it out. I have very skinny, bony fingers so the midi rings sit closer to my middle knuckle. This ring did sit nicely and felt comfortable.

This ring is like a twisted rope design. It looks nice from this angle but as you can see in the next picture it sticks out a bit and digs into my little pinky.

I think this one was my favourite. It's a chain design with a little jewel in the middle.

The last one I have to show you is a stud design and this sat how the rope ring did and dug into my little pinky.

These are only $3.02 on the Lady Queen website and I think they are good for the price. They also have lots of other nail art items on the website and don't forget to use my code ABCS15 for 15% off at the checkout.

Bye for now x

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