French Mani - CBL The Devil Wears Polish and Crystal Clear Stamper

I totally forgot that yesterday was my second year blogiversary! I've been so busy at home that it just slipped my mind. I just want to say a quick thank you to all of you who keep coming back and reading my posts :) it means a lot. I wish I could do some form of giveaway for you but funds won't currently allow it. 
Anyway back to today's post. The lovely Alex from Nail-Artisan sent me her Crystal Clear stamper to review along with Apipila plate P6 so I could show you how easy it is to do a french mani with this stamper.

For the base I used this amazing red crelly from Colors By Llarowe called The Devil Wears Polish. It has lots of red holo glitter and even a sprinkling of blue. It applied beautifully in just two coats.

Here's a shot under direct light and you can see the blue more here. I actually won this polish in a competition on the CBL Facebook page!

Using the Crystal Clear stamper I stamped these cute french tips onto my nails. I used Dolly from EDK, also available from Nail-Artisan. This was so easy to do and only took me about five minutes. I actually added the french tips after I had worn the base colour for a few days. 

The Crystal Clear stamper is nice and squishy, for a clear stamper. It was soft enough to really push my nail into it and not create any pressure on my nail, which is definitely what you want when doing french tips.

This stamper retails for £6.50 and it comes with a scraper and two heads. I think this is great value especially as it has two heads. As the barrel was totally clear I found it easier to gauge where my nail was when looking down the barrel.

What do you think of this mani? I feel like it turned out very Minnie Mouse inspired! Do you have a clear stamper?

Bye for now x

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