HPB Presents: My first indie - Fool's Gold.

I'm back with Hobby Polish Bloggers Presents and this months theme is a good one! My first indie. Since I got my first indie I've been a bit indie obsessed and my collection of indie products has grown and grown. I remembered what my first indie was straight away, how could I forget the beautiful Fool's Gold.

Fool's Gold is from Picture Polish and this is a collaboration polish with The Nailasaurus. Previously I was a gel polish user but I knew that when I decided to try indie polishes, I wanted this one to be my first. Mainly because it's my favourite colour, turquoise, and I love to read The Nailasaurus. So I guess I owe my current lack of money and indie obsession to her...thanks Sammy! 

Just look at all the pretty gold! This is three thin coats. This is actually the only Picture Polish I own. My favourite brand is Colors By Llarowe and when I looked back on Instagram to my first indie polish nail mail, it consisted of - Fool's Gold, I Look Good In Stirrups (CBL) and Cerrillos (Cirque).

My first official Indie purchase was actually the Creative Shop stamper which I still use now!

It's actually been nearly a year since I bought and last wore this polish and it was still great in the bottle! No thickening issues at all. Just as perfect as the day I got it. When I looked back on my previous pictures of Fool's Gold compared to today's swatches, it feels amazing to see how much I've improved. Not only has the quality of my pictures improved, but even the hand pose looks nicer these days! I will link it here if you fancy a chuckle!

What was your first indie? What is your favourite indie brand?

Bye for now x

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