40 Great Nail Ideas: Pastel - Aztec

I thought this weeks challenge would be an easy one, pastel and aztec. I had something in mind so I tried it and instantly hated it! Thankfully I found the time to re-do and I much preferred the second version. Have you ever had that happen where what you saw in your head looked amazing but just failed so badly on your nails?!

I went for a pretty pastel gradient as my base and I decided to take a quick picture before I stamped as I really loved it. I topped it with Diamond holo top coat on top because Holo makes everything pretty. I used Color Club French tip as my white base.

I used three pastel colours for the gradient. The first was Lotus Begins but you can't really see this colour as the stamped image is mainly over this part.

Then I used Model's Own in Pink Blush.

Sky Blue from Barry M was the finial colour. For the stamping I struggled to find an Aztec type image and this is the closest I could get. It is from MoYou London Artist plate 09. I know I could have freehanded a design but my freehand is rubbish and I didn't have the time.

So do you want to see the fail mani?! Well here it is!

Everything was against me with this one. I used the same colours but dabbed them onto my mat and smushed them onto my nails. It looked kinda pretty until I stamped and it just sucked all the colour away. The image on my pinky warped due my dog jumping on my knee at the crucial stage of image line up! 
Then on my middle finger, the image was a PITA to clean, so cotton fibres kept getting stuck in the plate and then transferring to my nail. I didn't take pictures right away (which I normally always do!) so I somehow messed up my pointer and thumb nail, and the polish started to come away from the free edge :/

Which mani do you prefer? Don't forget to check out all the other Patels manis from other bloggers! Link is below.

Bye for now x 

Who could say no to this little face when she wants a cuddle?! Not me.

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