Anniversary nails - Uber Chic and CBL Stamping polish.

Last week my boyfriend and I celebrated our anniversary. We aren't married but we do like to celebrate when we first met and this year was our 9th year together. I have done a few themed manis recently so I had to do a mani for this occasion.

The white base on my thumb, pointer and middle finger is Limitless from Casella. I used a few different plates to stamp with. All from Uber Chic - Love & Marriage, 6-01 and 7-01. 

CBL has recently released stamping polishes. I love CBL and I love stamping so I had to pick some up. So far my first impressions are a bit..meh. They are amazing as a polish and take just one coat for full coverage, as you can see on my ring finger and pinky. However, I'm not overly impressed with their performance as a stamping polish. They dry super fast so stamping the more delicate images like lace can be a bit awkward. 
The colour I used is Hey Romeo. I also used Dolly from Esmaltes Da Kelly.

Another thing that really annoyed me about Hey Romeo is that my clear stamper just would not pick up the heart image above. I tried so many times and couldn't get a full transfer so I used my Fab Ur Nails gold stamper and that worked perfectly. Luckily I managed to place it quite central. The black is Pinguno from EDK.

I did love this mani, despite a few blemishes and the frustration of stamping. I think it will just take a few more manis with the CBL's until I get use to them.

What do you think of this mani? Did you pick up any CBL stamping polishes?

Bye for now x

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