Bear Pawlish - Wintermint with Moyra stamping

I had been lusting after Bear Pawlish Wintermint since Christmas time and I got it recently and it did not disappoint. I decided to team it with some stamping and I even recorded a video for YouTube but I can't edit the damn video on my phone app.. even after I have converted the file! Oh well, you'll just have to settle for some pretty pictures instead.

Wintermint is an amazing aqua teal jelly base polish with linear holographic and tiny flakies! This totally met my expectations, I think it even exceeded them. It's just so perfect for me. This is actually only my second Bear Pawlish but I definitely need more.

As this had a jelly base I thought that it would need three or more coats to be opaque but this was only two. 

In this close up shot you can see all the tiny flakies. 

After wearing this polish on it's own for a few days just to bask in all it's glory, I decided to add some stamping. This was in the form of Moyra Ornaments plate and Pinguno from Esmaltes Da Kelly.

What do you think of this mani? Do you own many Bear Pawlish?

Bye for now x

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