40 Great Nail Art Ideas - 3 shades of red/orange and Circles

Time for another instalment of 40 Great Nail Art Ideas. I wasn't keen on this mani I came up with. The colour theme was 3 shades of red/orange and I had circles for my pattern. I think my idea was good but the colours didn't really go together. 


DRK Nails Cobogo Mini plate review

The lovely Alex at Nail-Artisan sent me the new DRK Nails Cobogo mini plate to review. I can't believe this is my first DRK Nails plate?! The pick up was amazing and all the images are lovely. I also did a swatch video which I will link at the end of this post.


We Heart Nails UK glitter swatches and review - Part two

*Picture Heavy

Happy Friday guys! I have the last 12 holographic glitters from We Heart Nails UK to show you today. If you didn't catch part one of my glitter review click here as it has all the information you need on these glitters and how to use them. Plus lots of pictures of the first 12! So lets jump right into the last 12 swatches.


We Heart Nails UK Glitter swatches and review - Part one.

*Picture heavy

I have an epic glitter review for you today! The lovely Laura at We Heart Nails UK sent me 24, (yes 24!), holographic glitters to share with you all. The review will be in two parts with 12 glitters per post. Both posts will consist of three pictures per glitter. A full swatch using gel polish, a swatch on my thumb using regular polish and a macro. The second post will be on Friday.

So here's some essential information about these glitters. They are 004 hex, cosmetic grade and are made from PET plastics. MSDS sheets are available which is an essential item for all nail techs out there. They are also solvent resistant so can be used with any nail polish, gel polish, acrylic and even gel. 


40 Great Nail Art Ideas Pink and Lilac

So I went a bit wrong with this week's 40 Great Nail Art ideas post. I actually did this weeks mani twice! I stamped first time using a lilac stamping polish but for some reason didn't think about what my pattern prompt was and stamped something random. When I realised my pattern should have been chevrons, I re-did my mani and completely forgot the colour theme and stamped using a polish with Violet in the name! I think over this base it works as a shade of lilac as it's such a bright pink.


I'll pink to that - China Glaze with Uber Chic

It's about time we started to see some neons I think! I recently bought a few polishes from the new China Glaze collection, Lite Brites. I got Papa don't Peach, Bite me, What I like about blue and I'll pink to that. I mainly got them after seeing them on this video by Twi-star.Today I am going to show you I'll pink to that with some stamping from a new Uber chic plate.


Itsy Nails London swatches and review.

Itsy Nails London is a new brand to the market. They have formulated a gel effect nail polish the is 5 free! So it contains none of the following chemicals: DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Camphor and Formaldehyde Resin. It also looks like they may be releasing their own treatments soon so I'm sure they will be good if their polish is anything to go by!


Glam Polish - Truth Be Told - Yours Love Sascha stamping

Just after Christmas I treat myself to a few new polishes and the Darkly Dreaming collection from Glam Polish had caught my eye so I decided to buy Truth Be Told. The collection was inspired by the TV show Dexter...and it turns out I am now a big Dexter fan! My partner and I have just started watching it and we are nearly through with season two. Loving it so far!


40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Violet & Camouflage

Violet is the colour prompt for this weeks 40 GNAI and I think there will be a lot of different types of Violet among the other bloggers posts. Everyone's interpretation of colour is so different and I guess that's what great about these types of challenges. I had camouflage as my pattern prompt. Not sure what happened with the polish on my pinky...so lets just ignore that!