DRK Nails Cobogo Mini plate review

The lovely Alex at Nail-Artisan sent me the new DRK Nails Cobogo mini plate to review. I can't believe this is my first DRK Nails plate?! The pick up was amazing and all the images are lovely. I also did a swatch video which I will link at the end of this post.

Here is how the plate arrived, with the blue protective film over it. The plate measures 14.4cm x 9.5cm. It's the same size as Uber Chic and Moyra but this plate has a white plastic backing for protection. Silly me didn't take a picture of the back of the white backing, it has the DRK Nail logo on it.

There are 4 rows of 5 images so it totals 20 images all together. Each image measures 2.5cm x 2cm so perfect for long nails. There is even a border of images around the plate which you can also use to stamp.

Just a few close up pictures of some images.

Here's the first mani I did with the plate as soon as I got it so you may have seen this already if you follow me on Instagram. I used a variety of Danglefoot nail polish - I Have nothing to wear on pointer and pinky and the other nails are a random gradient of Break the rules, Ditch the Diet and Dress to Impress. I used Dolly from EDK to stamp with. I will admit the image isn't perfect on this one but it was rushed as this was a last minute mani and I had just got the plate that day and wanted to have a quick go.

This next mani is using Barry M Foil Effects in silver as a base and stamped with Pinguino. I saw this image and just knew I had to pair it with silver as it reminds me of diamond plate steel.

My last mani was done using Harmonious Healing from Glisten and Glow and stamped with Medusa from EDK. I loved how this one came out so I kept this on for a few days. 

Just look how perfect that image is! 

My views on this plate are great. I love all the images and they pick up so well. It's such an easy plate to use so would be great for beginners. Here is my YouTube video if you would like to see some swatches.

You can purchase this plate in the UK and Europe from Nail-Artisan for £8.50 and outside of Europe from DRK Nails for $11.90.

What do you think of this plate and the manis that I did with it?

Bye for now x

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