40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Neon Decals

Today's 40 Great Nail Art Ideas is all about neons! Now I know what some of you may be thinking...my challenge is for decals but the image above is a nail vinyl, but I applied them using the decal method so it counts :) I always tend to struggle with vinyls, I think I must apply them too hard to my nail as when I have painted over them and come to remove them, they pull up bits of my base colour! I've seen a few videos of people using them as decals so I thought I would give it a go and I was very impressed.

So for my base I use two coats of the beautiful Edith from the 2015 Overboard collection from CBL. I love this stunner of a polish.

To make the decal I used three bright/neon colours from China Glaze. I laid down the vinyl onto my Uber Mat and started to sponge on the colours. I failed on my first attempt as I let the last coat dry before I peeled up the vinyl! So the key is to peel the vinyl right after finished your last coat. The first polish I used for the gradient was this amazingly neon Celtic sun.

The middle colour is I'm with the lifeguard. I am not a green fan but I can definitely see me using this again on it's own. It has a gorgeous golden shimmer to it.

I broke the rules with this one as it's not a neon, but it is quote bright. They all came together in the same collection and I just thought they all looked nice as a gradient. This is Custom kicks which is a lovely teal.

I was super super happy with how these turned out! The colours blended perfectly and I finally got a nail vinyl to work for me, albeit using a different technique.

Bit of a blurry sun shot.

What do you think of my mani? Do you like nail vinyls?

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Bye for now x

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