CM Handmade UK Swatches and review

I have more new polishes to show you today from CM Handmade UK. When they contacted me again to swatch and review some more polishes I was thrilled. Their Two-Faced collection was brilliant so I knew these would be too!

The first polish I have to show you is this gorgeous violet. It has a small amount of tiny holo glitter in it and an almost pearlescent finish. It is shown here in two coats with no top coat.

I am loving this pale aquamarine and it is surprisingly opaque in two coats! This also has a small amount of tiny holo glitter which is more visible in the macro below. Pictured with no top coat.

Now the pictures for this one just don't do it justice, as I live in the rainy UK a natural sun shot is hard to find. This is a clear polish packed full of beautiful silver holo glitter. You could use it as a top coat to spice up a plain polish or you can apply 3 coats like I did here to achieve full opacity. 

You can even see the holo in the polish in my light tent.

The last polish of this review is the star of the show in my opinion which surprises me as I'm not one for toppers. It is a gorgeous multi-chrome flakie topper. I teamed it here with Morgan Taylor Little Black Dress.

I took a few pictures of this one as I loved it so much. You could also apply it over white or even sponge it straight over the nail a few times to wear it on it's own.

Look at that shift! It goes from green to purple but you can also see hints of deep pink and blue.

So that ends my review on these wonderful polishes. They were all a pleasure to apply and had great formula. I'm not sure when these will be available but you can keep your eyes peeled for any announcements on their website or instagram. 

What do you think of these polishes? My favourite is the falkie topper. How about you?

Bye for now x

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