Diabolical Nail Varnish - Firebox.com swatches and review

Are you a fan of The Grand Budapest Hotel film? If so you are going to love this post. Firebox.com reached out to me and asked me if I would like to review their Diabolical Nail Varnish. This little box is inspired by the film, and although I've not actually seen it myself, I just found the names of these polishes so intriguing! These polishes are 5 free and vegan friendly.  

The first polish to grab my attention was Dynamite in the sack. It's a gorgeous deep purple that is nicely opaque in two coats. I did not apply a topcoat and just look how glossy this is! You can actually see my reflection haha.

Enchanting Old Ruin is a lovely grey with a blue undertone. Opaque in two coats and so glossy! This is pictured without topcoat also.

So the last polish I swatched was Physically Repulsed. It is a very sheer pink and I have applied three coats. To be honest, I wasn't keen on this. I'm not a fan of sheer polishes but this would be great for a french mani. 

I decided to create some nail art inspired by the film. As I haven't seen it I did some research on the net. The hotel staff wear a purple uniform with gold buttons so I used that for the inspiration for my pointer and middle nails, using Dynamite in the sack for the base. Then my ring finger was inspired by the little boxes that Mendl's Chocolat use to package their little goodies. It is a pink box with a blue bow. It is like the colour of the nail polish box but I improvised with Physically Repulsed. Lastly, the hotel looks to be situated on top of some mountains. So I used Enchanting Old Ruin on my pinky and stamped with Uber Chic plate 2-02.

I think this is a really quirky gift set and would be a great addition to any polish lovers collection. It retails for only £12.99! 

What do you think of this box? Do you have a favourite polish?

Bye for now x 

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