Rainbow Roses - Pretty Serious and Uber chic

There has been a few incidents reported on the news this week that are truly horrendous. One of them was the terrible shooting in Orlando. I did these nails on Sunday and didn't actually hear about the sad new until Monday. It seems I live under a rock these days. I wasn't going to share this mani yet but there's a group of us on Facebook, Rainbow Pride Nails, and we are sharing our rainbow nails to pay tribute to those affected by the shooting.

For the base of my rainbow mani I used all six polishes from the Pastel pet names collection by Pretty Serious Cosmetics. Oh my days!! They are amazing! Brilliant one coaters and although they look very subtle in these pictures, they are most definitely neon pastels. I applied White on White by China glaze before staring the gradient. 

Some of you may be thinking...her nails look different...Yup, I broke a corner off on my squovals :( I was really enjoying the shape but I think I took them as long as I could. Square type nails aren't the most natural shape for me I don't think. So I'm back to oval/almond nails now.

So from left to right we have, Peachie Poo, Little Duckling, Bunny Foo Foo, Doodle Bug, Cutie Patootie and Fluffykins. How cute are those names?!

I stamped over them using Uber chic 1-02 and Pinguino from EDK, using my Nail-Artisan Clear jumbo stamper. The original inspiration for this mani were the stunning rainbow roses. I've never been lucky enough to receive a bunch...maybe one day.

Please take a moment from your day to think and pray for those affected by the Orlando shooting.

Bye for now x

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