Simply Nailogical inspired holo galaxy mani

Hope you all had a great weekend. I went to a BBQ on Saturday as it was my partner's brother's 40th birthday! It was a lovely day with all the family and the rain held off until we had finished the BBQ. Lucky or what! I took part in a group theme by Dressed Up In Polish recently which was a Galaxy theme. I had never done a galaxy mani before so I went for it and I'm super impressed with what I did!

For the base I used two coats of Little Black Dress by Morgan Taylor. I took inspiration from the amazing Simply Nailogical as she did a galaxy mani and it looked amazing. I did mine using the same technique but I used different polishes and I stamped rather than free handing the stars...as I don't free hand.

To start with I applied a line of White on White from China glaze down the middle of my nails using a ripped off tiny piece of sponge. Then I used Rare Orchid from CBL to apply to the right of the white line.

Blue, Blue Christmas from CBL was my next polish of choice and this went down the left of the white. To add some extra sparkle I applied Andromeda from Esmaltes Day Kelly down the middle of the galaxy, over the white. Once It was all dried I applied top coat to smooth out the surface for stamping. I used a Yours Cosmetics plate from collection three which has a lovely image of a cluster of stars. The stamping polish is Dolly from EDK and I used my Nail-Artisan Clear jumbo stamper. 

Bonus picture in the sun! You can really see the holo here. 

I recorded a video for this mani. Click here to view it.

What do you think of this design? Have you done a galaxy mani before?

Bye for now x

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