Uber Chic OP Art Magic - Nail-Artisan reivew

OMG guys?! Uber Chic have a brand new plate out! The OP Art Magic plate was sent to me for review by Nail-Artisan and it is amazing. This plate has some pretty cool optical illusion images but I know what I am really excited about... all the images for us holosexuals! I had to of course do a mani right away and include holo. It would be rude not to! (sorry for all the ! I am just so pumped about this plate :D )


Bestie twin nails with @Theonenailqueen - Uber Chic review

Hey guys. Hope your week is going ok so far, half way there already! I have another Nail-Artisan review for you but it's also a bestie twin nails mani with my lovely find Sam (aka The one nail queen). We both used the Fabulous Feathers plate from Uber Chic and this plate certainly is fabulous! 


Beach mani with Uber Chic Nautical plate - Nail-Artisan review

Hey guys. Hope you are well today and have recovered from the Monday blues. Last week I had a few days off work and went to the seaside so of course I had to do a beach themed mani. I really love how this design came out! I used the Uber Chic Nautical plate, sent to me by Nail-Artisan, which I did a little review of on Friday


40 GNAI - Nude + colour - Fish braid- Uber chic Nautical review

Another Friday and another 40 Great nail art ideas post. This weeks prompt for me was a fish braid design! I've never done one of these before and I've always wanted to try but I didn't really think the original type fish braid would work with nude. So I went for the stencil version and decided to make it harder for myself as I didn't actually have any stencils! I attempted to make the design from straight line vinyls. I don't think I did too bad did I?


Moo Moo Signatures - Rainbow flowers bath collection - swatches and review.

Happy hump day! Hope you've had a great week so far guys...it has been hot hasn't it?! I had a lovely few days off. I went to the seaside on Monday to visit my grandparents and then spent yesterday and today relaxing mainly. Back at work for me tomorrow but only two days and then it's the weekend again..yey! Alex from Nail-Artisan sent me the Moo Moo Signatures Rainbow flowers bath collection for review. I did a watermarble with them first but now I have the full swatches and a review to share with you. 


Marianne Nails Butterflies with EDK Holos

I have switched up my posting schedule this week as I have lots to show you lately and I wanted to do this post today! Some of you may have noticed a few changes around here the last couple of days...I have a new blog design and my own domain! I felt like I needed to do a mani to celebrate this milestone for me and my blog.


Meebox - Splash!

Wow wow wow Meebox has knocked it out of the ball park this month guys! Meebox are a monthly nail polish subscription box and they have featured on my blog a few times. Here and here. Last month we all found out that the theme for this month was Splash! and it was a full UK Indie takeover. There was a lot of speculation about who the indie would be and all the guesses were unanimous and of course correct- A England.


40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Pink and Aqua - Fan Brush

Yey it's Friday!!! I think that's how most of my Friday post start haha! I'm back with another challenge from 40 Great Nail Art Ideas and this week I had to use a fan brush with pink and aqua.


Jesscia Nails - Phenom swatches and review

*Press samples

Hey guys hope you are all well today! The weekend seems so long ago now :( I spent most of it wallpapering and painting. I did go out Saturday night with the other half to Frankie and Bennys! Last minute date night so that was nice. I have a few polishes to show you today from Jessica Nails UK new collection, Jessica Phenom. They were sent to me for review by Gerrard International. Jessica Phenom is a new way to get a gel look mani than lasts longer but without the use of an LED or UV lamp. There are 30 colours in the range and the Finale top coat. I was sent three new colours to review along with the top coat.


Watermable with Moo Moo Signatures

I did a watermarble...OMG! Alex from Nail-Artisan sent me the full Rainbow Flowers Bath Collection by Moo Moo Signatures to review and I needed to watermarble with them to see how well they work. These stunning polishes are made by a lovely lady called Mei Mei and they are pastel neons. Don't you just love the little cow logo?! I'll keep the rest of this post short and sweet as I recorded a how to video on this mani, which I will link at the end.