Watermable with Moo Moo Signatures

I did a watermarble...OMG! Alex from Nail-Artisan sent me the full Rainbow Flowers Bath Collection by Moo Moo Signatures to review and I needed to watermarble with them to see how well they work. These stunning polishes are made by a lovely lady called Mei Mei and they are pastel neons. Don't you just love the little cow logo?! I'll keep the rest of this post short and sweet as I recorded a how to video on this mani, which I will link at the end.

These polishes are great to watermarle with! I am yet to swatch them all but I will be doing a full review. This beautiful blue is Forget-me-not.

I am loving Akito Blush!

When I have done watermarbles in the past they have worked but nowhere near as well as this! I am super impressed with these polishes. I think this pattern is seen as a flower or petal pattern.

The other polish in this mani is Bells of Ireland. The Rainbow Flowers Bath Collection is made up of 7 polishes but I just used 4 in this mani.

Please view the video below as it shows it detail how I created this watermarble and a few tips!

These polishes are gorgeous and are great to marble with! Nail-Artisan is the official UK stockist for Moo Moo Signatures. You can pick up the full collection for £55.00 which is a great deal or you can buy them separately for £8.50 per bottle.

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