Uber Chic collection 9 - Nail-Artisan review

I have another Uber Chic review for you today guys. If you missed it on Friday, I showed you a mani from the brand new OP Art Magic plate. Click here to check it out if you missed it as it is one cool plate. Collection 9 was sent to me for review by Nail-Artisan and It consists of 3 separate plates with some wonderful images on each plate.

So here are what all 3 plates look like and I created 4 manis with this collection to show you what you can create.

For my first mani I used Forget-me-not by Moo Moo Signatures as the base. I did this mani when we had a really hot day so the stamping wasn't as crisp as usual. The stamping polish was drying to quick so kept almost going stringy...weird! That aside, I really love this image from plate 9-03 and it's been so popular with Uber Chic lovers. The stamping polishes are Allan and Tuco, both from EDK.

Seafoam Daisy from Moo Moo Signatures is the base for this random rose gradient. This lovely image is from plate 9-03 and I used Joana from EDK and Drunk pink tank by Hit the bottle to stamp.

I fell in love with this mani right away! I just love these flowers and the remind me so much of flowery wallpaper. I love the combination of Akito blush and Tuco (EDK). They compliment each other so well. These images are from plate 9-02.

I saved my favourite mani for last! This image from plate 9-03 was just screaming for colour. So I gave it what it wanted and used all the colours from the Pastel pet names collection from Pretty Serious. I made a decal out of the imagine using my Uber Mat. On my pointer is Cutie Patootie and Doodle Bug on my pinky. 

As with all Uber Chic plates, this collection is great. All the images are etched so perfectly and there's a great range of images that you can do so much with.

You can buy collection 9 from Nail-Artisan for £17.99 along with lots of other goodies.

Which mani is your favourite? 

Bye for now x

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