40 GNAI - Peach and Lemon - Gradient

This week's instalment of 40 GNAI is a bit delayed due to my Uber Chic review that I had to post on Friday. If you haven't checked it out then I seriously think you should! anyway, back to the task at hand! This week's theme was peach or lemon and I had to do a gradient. So I actually used both colours and did a stamping gradient over a gradient.

The both colours are Honey Peach and Banana Sorbet which are both from the Cool Summer neon collection by Parrot polish. They are available in the UK from Nail-Artisan. I stamped over the gradient with Kaa from EDK and Let's go to the Peach by Hit The Bottle. I was trying to create a gradient effect but Kaa just melts into the background of the top of the gradient with was the Honey Peach colour.

The stamped image is from Uber Chic 11-03 which is their newest collection and also available from Nail-Artisan.

I topped it all off with Seche Vite as I am starting to run out of HK Girl!! 

What do you all this of my mani? Have you tried Parrot Polish?

Bye for now x

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