Model's Own Soft Pop watermarble - Uber Chic stamping

I am loving the Models Own Soft Pop collection, especially for watermarbling. I met Rebecca from Baby Mama Nails last month and we had cocktails and then decided to go shopping! So we ended up in a Models Own Bottle shop and I got the full Soft Pop collection :)

Left to right: Lilac Flush, Sugar Rush, Lemon Popsicle, Cosy Posy and Candy floss.

I just had to tray a watermarble with this collection as I'd heard they were really good for that. They were perfect..exactly what you want from a watermarble. Perfectly spread on the surface of the water, easy to draw the pattern, nicely opaque over the water base..and better yet..they are such a great price that you don't feel so guilty wasting loads in the water! 

I normally do the flower pattern when I watermarble but I felt adventurous and tried this pattern and it came out so well. I was very happy with myself!

After a few days I stamped over my mani with an image from Uber Chic plate 11-03 using my Jumbo glazed galaxy Nail-Artisan stamper. 

I just love how the watermarble is just peeking through the stamping.

You can get collection 11 from Nail-Artisan for only £17.99. I used the Pure Color Watermarble tool to help create my design and this is also available from Nail-Artisan.

What do you think of my watermarble? Have you got collection 11 yet?

Bye for now x

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