Nail-Artisan review - Uber Chic Halloween 02, Who gives a hoot and Lovely leaves

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Today's post was mean to be a 40 GNAI mani, but I've had to reschedule that for this weekend as there are new Uber Chic plates tonight! I am super stoked about these and luckily I've had the week off work so when the plates arrived with me yesterday from Nail-Artisan, I stayed up late to get a mani done with each plate. There are a few surprises on these plates too!

In tonight's launch there are 3 plates. This first one is just too cute! It's all about the owl love on the Who gives a hoot plate. If you love owls, you need it! All the little owls are just so sweet and I love all the sayings. 

Then we have two full size plates, Halloween 02 and Lovely leaves. As you would expect from the Halloween one, it's full of spiders, webs, bats etc. I especially love the little sugar skulls. I think the Lovely leaves plate is my favourite from this launch. It has so many pretty images on it and I think as much as I want to deny it, Autumn will be here soon enough, so it's perfect for this time of the year.

There is something very exciting on these two plates. You may not notice it at first (until you read this post of course!) as they look like normal images but just take a closer look.....

Layering images!! How awesome is that?! I know there is only one per plate but still, I am super happy to see this from Uber Chic and I would love to see some more plates, maybe even a dedicated one, to layering images.

This little guy sure is too cute to give a hoot. Just look at those big cartoon-esque eyes! For the base of this mani I used a brand new polish from Jessica, which is part of their new Autumn/Winter collection. This is The Luring Beauty and I will have a full swatch post very soon. The black stamping is Pinguino from EDK. To colour in the owl I used Snake Pit from Jessica's new collection, White on white from China Glaze and Let's got to the Peach by Hit the Bottle. I used my Nail-Artisan clear jumbo stamper too.

This is my favourite mani of today! I totally went all autumnal with bronze, red and orange! To create this look I first started with a smoosh base. That was done with Bronze Bae and Copper Mine from Barry M and also Tomato from Crabtree & Evelyn. I placed a few dots of each onto my Uber mat, then smooshed them together with a small Fab Ur nails stamper and applied to my nail. Over the top of those nails I stamped two different reversed out images from the Lovely leaves plate using Pinguino and Nail-Artisan's Jumbo glazed galaxy stamper. 
On my ring finger is the layering image! I started with White on White for the base and the tree is actually stamped with a regular polish, HJ Manicure in Subzero. A more pigmented colour would have been better but I am lacking in autumnal style stamping polishes. For the leaves I applied dots of Joana (EDK), Absinthe Minded and Let's go to the Peach (HTB) and scraped to create a sort of gradient. I used my clear jumbo stamper to overlap the tree with the leaves.

Something wicked certainly is coming this way and that's Halloween! I used Disco dress by Colour Club, Flip Flop by Models own and Orange knockout by China Glaze as the gradient base. Not sure how I feel about it as it came out very grungy looking but I used it anyway. I was sure unsure of what images to use as there are so many but I had to use a cupcake, even though it smudged! The black is Pinguino, the white is White on White and the grey is Barry M Chai.
On my ring finger is the cute little layered pumpkin! I used Let's go to the Peach for him and the writing is Tuco from EDK.

If you are still here, thank you! That was a lot of writing and images but these plates are just so awesome that I wanted to give them a mani each for their launch.

As always, Uber Chic plates never disappoint. The quality is so good and the images are etched so perfectly. As mentioned before, I think it's so exciting that we have seen a snippet of layering images from them now!  These plates are now available at Nail-Artisan so what are you waiting for?! The single plates are £10.99 and the mini is £5.99.

Lastly, if you are a fan of the Uber Chic scrapers you can now buy a pack of 6 for £4.49 at Nail-Artisan. They are very pretty and although I don't own on myself, I have heard very good things about them.

What do you think of these plates? Which mani is your favourite?

Bye for now x

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