Paris In Love Uber Chic - Nail-artisan review

I did this mani in what feels like forever ago! It's just taken me this long to post it but I don't know why as I loved it. Maybe I just wanted to keep it to myself for a bit longer! I was sent the gorgeous Paris in Love plate by Alex from Nail-Artisan to show you guys.

I used 3 coats of Colville Mews from Nails Inc. This is probably my only nude nail polish! I'm not keen on them to be honest but I wanted that look for this mani.
All of the stamping is from the lovely Paris In Love plate which is one of Uber Chic's mini plates. I won't go into too much detail on how I created this mani as I have made a video which I will link at the end! The stamping polishes are Pinguino, and Joana from EDK and B.a Sunshine from Colour Alike. All available from Nail-Artisan

I was particularly happy with how the design came out on my thumb nail. Those three images were all separate on the plate but with the help of my Nail-Artisan Clear Jumbo stamper, I managed to put them together like a little scene! 

If you want to see exactly how I created this mani then the video is linked below.

If you want to get this plate from Nail-Artisan t's only £5.99! I really loved it and when you have so many images on one plate you can create so many different manis!

What do you think of this mani? Have you ever visited Paris?

Bye for now x

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