Collection 2 Step Solar Gel Polsihes swatches and review

Monday is here already! You may be thinking this is not a normal day for me to post as I usually just do Tuesdays and Fridays. I'm going to change my schedule a little bit and post three times a week and then twice a week and alternate it like that. This is because I am starting another nail art challenge which will occur every other Friday. I'm sure you guys won't mine extra posts here and there :)
On to today's post and I have some 2 Step Solar Shine Gel Nail Polish by Collection to share with you. This is actually regular polish but it has a high shine finish and is meant to replicate the look of gel polish.
All swatches are two coats with 1 coat of the Collection " Step Solar Shine Gel Top Coat.

First up is Mauve Haze which is a really nice dusty mauve. I really liked this colour on and it was opaque in two coats.

Biarrtiz Blitz is my favourite polish put of these three. It's such a deep rich purple it almost looks black! one coat was nearly opaque but two were perfect. 

Lastly is Oyster Pearl which is what the name suggest, an oyster colour. Surprisingly this was nearly opaque in one coat but I added two for the swatches. 

I was really impressed with all three polishes. They applied really nicely and didn't leave any streaks. The brush is really nice and wide too which helps with a neat application. I don't think the top coat is mean to to be a fast drying one but it does dry quite fast!

Collection products are sold on the high street in Boots and Superdrug stores. The 2 Step Solar Gel polish retails for £3.99 per bottle. If you want these particular colours, and can't find them in the shops, I have checked and you can buy these online at Superdrug.

Which colour is your favourite? Have you tried Collection products before?

Bye for now x

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