NFC nail lights - VS Nail Art review

Man will I be glad when it's the weekend again! This weekend was a bit of a write off for me and as I'm writing this it's actually Sunday night and I'm dreading work tomorrow :( can't think properly when I'm full of cold. Anyway, today's post is a classic Christmas scene but with a twist...can you tell what it is?

For the base colour I used two coats of Midnight by Vegan Beauty Cosmetics. I wanted to use a dark colour as my vision was to create a silhouette type design.

So I was sent some NFC Nail Lights to review by VS Nail Art. They are a very small light that you can stick to your nail and they react with the NFC on your mobile phone. 

I went with a classic Christmas scene with the three wise men following the star to where Jesus lay in the manger. Please excuse the bull-bass ring finger! I didn't do a very good job of encasing the light in my builder gel. As I used a peel off base coat (I am lazy and didn't want to have to soak it off after!) the stickiness on the back of the light kept peeling off the base coat before I started to apply the gel.

To stamp I used Barry M Foil effects and Uber Chic Christmas 01.

Hopefully this video below will work and you can see the light work! The NFC on my phone is on the front so it's a little bit awkward lol for some reason it only works when my phone is unlocked or light up? Not sure if that's my phone or the light.

If you fancy having a go with these lights you can grab one for only £1.35 at VS Nail Art. They are available in white, red and blue. I think they are such a neat idea especially for this time of year. I've seen them before where people use them as stars at the top of the tree.

What do you think of the lights? Would you rock one?

Bye for now x

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