SensatioNail Polish to Gel kit - review

I was recently sent the SensatioNail Polish to Gel starter kit by SensatioNail UK to review. I've seen this kit before in Boots and been intrigued by it. It's a neat way for you to get much longer wear from your regular polish! 

Inside the kit you get a gel primer, cleanser and clear gel.

The LED lamp that you get with the kit is so cute! It has an automatic sensor that can tell when you put your fingers into it. The light stays on for 30 seconds but at 15 seconds it flashes. This is to let you know that you are at 15 seconds as that's how long your cure the top coat for. What's great too is that the bottom comes off if you want to do your toes! That will come in handy I think! It can be plugged into a mains socket. You get a little pot to mix your regular polish and the clear gel together. Also included are a nail file, orange wood stick and lint free wipes.

So to start with you are meant to buff the surface of your nails with the file. I skipped this step as I don't like to do that. I cleansed my nail with a lint free wipe soaked in cleanser and then applied the primer. Into the the little pot you need to add 6 drops of both your chosen polish and the clear gel. This should cover one hand. 

For this swatch I used Nottingham by Powdered Perfect. If you compare it to the next picture, you will tell that it is a tad lighter. This is to be expected really as your as in effect "watering" down your regular polish when you mix it with the gel. I had a bit of issues with the swatch and I think that could be because I chose a dark colour. They always take longer to cure. This is two coats. To finish with you add a coat of the clear gel and cure for 15 seconds.

This is two coats of Nottingham, regular polish version.

I also conducted a wear test and for that I chose this gorgeous Girly bits called What Happens in Vegas Ends up on Twitter. I think I chose poorly as I needed 4 coats to gain this opacity! However, I am happy to report that it last a full two weeks with some lifting on a few fingers. This was due to the fact that I peeled the polish off my other hand (I was wearing a peel off base coat!). 
The removal was good too, only took 10 minutes to be a good enough consistency to push off with the orange wood stick.

I was really impressed with this kit and I can definitely see me using it again, especially on my toes! It's such a good idea for people who love to paint their nails but want them to last or don't have the time to constantly change them like I do. The only bad thing I can say is that I don't like how you have to use the polish's brush to apply the gel and polish mixture. I think it would be handy if the kit came with a few nail polish brushes so you can use those to save your polish brush being contaminated with gel. 
It certainly wouldn't put me off getting the kit myself as I would just buy some brushes from Ebay or something like that.

You can pick up this kit on SensationNail's site for only £49.99! 

What do you think of this kit? Is it something you would use?

Bye for now x

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