Uber Chic collection 12 - Nail-Artisan review

Woohoo it's Friday and I'm really glad this week is over!! It's been a bit of a stressful one but hopefully things will be back to normal now :) I recently received Uber Chic collection 12 from Nail-Artisan and I was super excited about this set. Read on to find out why!

As with all the Uber Chic collections, you get three plates. The plates measure 9.5cm by 14.5cm and the images are 17mm by 21mm. There are also so larger buffet style images and some smaller coordinating ones down the middle. Now onto the exciting bit......

Plate three has a whole section dedicated to layered images!! This is just what I wanted to see from Uber Chic. Especially the roses and leaves as I am rubbish at freehand! I can see me using this part of the plate a lot.

If you are a regular here, you will have seen this mani before as I included it in my Virago review. For this one I used plate 12-03.

For my next few manis I used the Moo Moo Signatures that I swatched recently, it's always good to use your swatches for nail art when you have the chance :)
This is Chang E stamped with Caranguejo using plate 12-01. I love these two colours together and how lovely is that image?! 

So I attempted to use the layered roses...not the best placement but they are tricky to use! The plates has little arrows next to the image and tells you what order you apply them. So first in the base colour of the roses, which is Chuvisco by EDK. Then the inner details of the roses, stamped with Joana by EDK and finally the leaves, stamper with Bruce from EDK. The base is Jade Rabbit. I also added some very apt writing and a single rose.

My last design has to be my favourite, although it doesn't look very special here, it was gorgeous in real life! I used Chang E and Palace in the Moon to create a random gradient and then topped with Thousands of Years of Fairytale. I stamped butterflies from plate 12-02 using Pinguino.

I am so happy with this collection! It's great to see some more layered images as we all know they are big within stamping currently and I don't think that will change soon.

You can get this collection in the UK from Nail-Artisan.

Have you pick up this set? Which of my designs do you like best?

Bye for now x

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