Lina Stamping Plates - Nail-Artisan review

Surely loads of you will have heard of Lina Nail Art Supplies stamping plates right?! They have been around since about October and Nail-Artisan is the UK stockist for this wonderful new stamping plate brand. Alex was kind enough to send me two plates to review for you guys.

All Lina Stamping Plates come in lovely cardboard wallets. Also, before you stamp make sure to remove them protective film that is on the plates. It is actually clear rather than blue on these plates.

This is Feeling Shapely 07! and the first thing I noticed about these plates is how pretty the backing was, but that's because I love butterflies! The Feeling Shapely plates are all about geometrical and abstract images. The plates are 9.5cm x 14.5cm and the full sizes images are 1.7cmx 2.2cms.

Make Your Mark 01 has lots of grungy style images on and graffiti! This one also has some smaller images on the bottom of the plate. 

For this mani I used Sapphire from Vegan Beauty Cosmetics as a base and stamped with Wendy from Esmaltes Da Kelly. I used an image from Make Your Mark 01 and double stamped it. It was for a recreation mani on Instagram. 

I so needed this plate when I had to attempt an ikat design mani for a nail art challenge..my freehand attempt was terrible. Here I used the stunning 9-5 hustle by Polish My Life and stamped with HTB, A Glint of Gold.

Then I moved onto Feeling Shapely 07! I did some advanced stamping using a pretty flower image and I coloured it in using 3 new Jessica polishes.

I used this image over Burnt Rose, by Vegan Beauty Cosmetics, as it reminded me of hearts. Just look how perfectly that image has stamped! 

My overall opinion on these plates is great! It lovely to see new brands coming to light as especially this style of plate as I love the size of the images. They are very easy to use and the images are etched very nicely, so would be perfect for anyone!

They are £12.25 per plate at Nail-Artisan and she sells lots of them so do go check them out.

What do you think of these plates? Would you buy some? 

Bye for now x

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