New Years nails - 2016

Another year is nearly over and I'm celebrating with a New Years Eve style mani...what else would I do on my nails?! In the nail art word we've seen many new things this year like holo pigment, chrome pigment, stamping with diamantes but my favourite invention of the year is the clear jumbo stamper! Today's mani wouldn't have been possible without it.

My base colour is Glorious Gold which is an amazing gold from Pink Gellac from their new Disco Glam collection, full review coming up next week. This is two coats of Glorious Gold and then an accent nail of IBD, Black Lava. All images are from Lina Stamping plates, Can't Wait for Xmas 01.

I tried to stamp in black first but it didn't show up that well over the black but then the white didn't seem to pop either. Then I had the idea of stamping the black over the white! This is where clear stampers are needed lol.

I stamped with some gold polish over Black Lava and I really love that streamer image! It would be great for any party occasion.

I feel like I've really stepped up my game this year! I've been more active on my blog and Instagram. I even hit 5k insta follower before Christmas day which was amazing. My nail art has definitely improved too and I'm very excited to see was 2017 has in store!

What do you think has been the best nail art invention of the year? What do you think will be the next big thing?

Have a very happy and safe new year..See you on the other side! x 

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