Leighton Denny Precision Corrector

Hey guys. If you remember I posted last week about the Birds Of Paradise box from Meebox. Today I have a closer look at one of the items which is the Precision Corrector from Leighton Denny.


Dancing In The Rain - Watermarble with stamping

Happy Friday all! Well we've had some miserable days lately with the weather haven't we?! This mani that I did a few weeks back is very appropriate lol. It also includes part of one of mine and my Mum's favourite sayings, Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning how to dance in the rain.


Meebox - Birds of Paradise - Swatches and review

Hey guys! Today's post is a really exciting one for me. The lovely ladies at Meebox recently asked me if I would like to join their team and become their third ambassador! OH M GEEEE! I was super excited and so honoured! It's coming up to their second birthday and I remember reviewing their first box. They have done so well in the past two years and everyone who tries this subscription box just loves it!

This months theme is Birds Of Paradise which as you can guess it has a more tropical feel. The box contains three polishes, one of which is a stamping polish, a stamping plate, stamper and a nail polish corrector.


26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Colour Explosion

Happy Friday guys and welcome to another 26 Great Nail Art Ideas! Today's prompt is colour explosion. I'm not really sure this can be classed as a colour "explosion" but my thought behind it was to use a pastel base and then add some neon stamping!


Lina Stamping Supplies - 4 Season Summer 02

Hey guys. I hope you had a great weekend. We spent Saturday digging our back garden and painting tiles...oh the joys of owning your own house! Today I have another Lina Stamping Supplies review and it's the new 4 Seasons - Summer 02 plate.  Another fab summer plate with a great range of images. You have palm trees, flowers, fruit and even some chilli!


Uber Chic School is Cool and Fairytale 02 review

Hey lovely readers. I hope you had an ok week and have a nice weekend ahead of you. We have a garden party...but not one you would expect. lol I have a few family coming around to help us dig out the garden haha oh the joys of owning your own house and trying to save money by doing jobs yourself. Anyway, you're not here to hear about my social life, you're here for the plates! Today I have manis using two new plates by Uber Chic. Fairytale 02 and School is Cool.


Lina Stamping Supplies - Born To Sail 02 - Nail-Artisan

Happy hump day! Hope you've had a good week so far. I've got a few days off work now and I feel need the break with everything that's gone on.
Today I have a review of the lovely Born to Sail plate 02! I just love nautical images so this plate is just perfect for me.


Twinkled T Stamping Polish review

Unless you live under a rock, you must have heard that Twinkled T have started selling their own stamping polishes! I saw Twi-Star do a swatch video and commented on how awesome they looked and then next thing you know..I had an email from Twinkled T! I was so honoured that they had asked if I would like to review these polishes so of course I had to say yes. They also sent me other items such as clean up brush, dotting tools, XL Clear stamper and the Glamour Mat. I've not had a chance to use the other items just but I'll be using them soon!


26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Sunshine

Today's post is a hard one to write but I feel I need to do it. This week's 26 Great Nail Art Ideas challenge is Sunshine and I had this idea right from the start around a year ago when the themes were first announced. My Gran and Gar always called me their Sunshine, mainly my Gran, and she would sing this song to me when I was little. I even have an Elephant teddy that used to hum the tune. I wore it out so much my Gar fixed it a few times it but it broke a long time ago. This Monday he passed away unexpectedly and we are all so heartbroken.


License to Be Sexy! 01 - Lina Stamping Supplies review

Woo it's Friday guys! Feels like it's been a long week as I've come down with a cold :( booooo! So as I am writing this I can't stop sneezing lol. Today on the blog I have a nice lacey number....a plate that is! The License to Be Sexy! 01 from Lina Stamping Supplies is full of gorgeous lace images. 


Uber Chic Collection 19 Review - Nail-Artisan

Hey guys. Hope you all had a lovely weekend. We didn't really do much to be honest, just a chilled out one. On the blog today I have a review of the new Uber Chic Collection 19. This collection is filled with fruity images perfect for summer! We've got layered strawberries, layered ice-cream cones and even an image designed especially for radial gradients.


26 GNAI - Beach

Happy Friday everyone! I have another instalment of 26 Great Nail Art Ideas and this week we had a choice of two themes. Beach or Animal Silhouettes. I have been looking the Uber Chic Vacation Mode plate so I had to choose Beach!


Meebox Ibiza mee - swatches and review

You might need your sunnies for today's post guys! I was sent the Ibiza mee Meebox to swatch and review this month and it was packed full of items. As you would expect from the theme, Ibiza mee, we had some neons! Yay for neons! In the box were three full size polishes, a mini white base coat (neon activator) and two nail art items. So lets get into the swatches.


Uber Chic mini plates - Fourth of July and and Garden Love

Woohoo it's Friday guys and I'm so excited as I'm off to a spa tomorrow with one of my best friends! So looking foward to a girly day. Tonight on the blog I have two new Uber Chic mini plates to show you. Fourth Of July and Garden Love.


Jessica Nails - Dancing Queen Swatches and review

We made it to hump day guys and I have a fab new collection to show you from Jessica Nails! These three polishes make up a new Phenom collection called Dancing Queens. These shades just scream 80's and disco days and they are just perfect for the summer.


Majique - Swatches and review

Happy Monday everyone. Hope you all had a great weekend. I spent most of it in Hornsea at my Uncle's wedding and we had such a good time. Luckily I booked today off work and I'm so glad I did! I am doing three posts this week as I have quite a bit to show you. Today's post is a review of some items sent to me by Majique Ltd.


26 GNAI-Going On Holiday - Uber Chic Vacation Mode Review.

Hey guys. Today I have another instalment of  26 Great Nail Art Ideas and the theme was Going On Holiday so I paired it with a review of a new Uber Chic single plate called Vacation mode! I went with a tropical feel mani that made me dream of Hawaii!


Uber Chic mini plates - Graduation and Farm Fresh

Hey guys. I hope you has a great weekend. Mine was spent shopping, seeing friends and family, doing my nails, baking in the sun and also a wedding do. It was a busy one! Today I have a review of some recent Uber Chic mini plates from Nail-Artisan.


Pink Gellac Cruise Collection - swatches and review

Hey guys. Hope you have had a great week. Today I have seven brand new Pink Gellac shades to show you and they form the Cruise Collection. There's a nice variety of colours and also a glitter topper!


Uber Chic Collection 18 - Nail-Artisan review

Hey guys. Today on the blog I have a review of Uber Chic Collection 18. As will all the Uber Chic collections, there's three plates packed full of different images. There's loads of lovely images including some layered bees and even a cute trial fox! It was so had to decide what images to choose!


26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Water

Hey guys. Hope you've had a good week. It was my first week back at work after a week off and it was ok lol back to the grind stone eh?! This week's 26 GNAI was water so I attempted to try watermarbling again...with a twist!


Lina Mad for Mandala - Nail-Artisan review

Hey guys! Hope you had a great weekend. There was a 1940's event in my town this weekend so I went down with my mum and a friend for a nosey. We just went for a walk around, bought some treats and had a spot of tea lol! Today's review is of the gorgeous Mad for Mandalas plate by Lina Stamping Supplies, from Nail-Artisan. It's full of stunning and intricate mandalas which are perfect for putting over a gradient over for some advanced stamping!


Girly Unicorn Nails

*Some products were bought with a blogger discount.

I can't believe it's Friday already?! Well, as I'm writing this it's actually Wednesday lol but my week off is going really quickly :( Today I have some pretty and delicate unicorn nails! I felt like being all girly for a change as I'm not massively into pinks but these colours are so pretty together right?!


Madam Glam swatches and review

*Press samples

Hello fabulous people! I hope you had a great bank holiday weekend. Mine was lovely and relaxed and now I have this week off work, woohoo!! Madam Glam recently contacted me again to see if I would like to do another review for them. Madam Glam have a huge range of gel polishes and also some regular nail polishes. I would say they are a boutique brand as they aren't an indie but they aren't mainstream either. I'm going to be sharing a few gel polish swatches today.


26 GNAI - Lilac, pink and gold

Hey guys. I hope your week has been ok. It's been a very strange and sad week with the incident that happened in Manchester and I think it will stay with us all forever.
I have a 26 great nail art ideas post to share today and It's just going to be a short quick one.


Twi-Star inspired Mermaid mani with @theonenailqueen

Happy hump day peeps! Hope your week is going well. I have a cool post to share today. My friend Sam and I randomly decided to do a twin mani and it was last minute but I love how the came out! We used a mani that Twi-Star did as inspiration and of course we had to use her collab plate with Bundle Monster.


IZ Beauty of London review, swatches and nail art

Hey guys. Sorry I missed Friday's post. Our family cat went missing last Tuesday so the week was a bit busy and stressful looking for her and wondering what had happened. On Friday she just turned up in the garden, sat on the seat as if nothing had happened! A lit bit dirty and with a poorly eye but ok. If only animals could talk eh?! I never got chance to write this post so I pushed it on to today and there will be three posts this week.
I was recently sent a box full of goodies from IZ Beauty Of London to swatch and review. It included five nail polishes and a few nail art items. 


Lina Make Your Mark 04 - Nail-Artisan review

Hey guys! I hope you had a great weekend. Lina is back with another Make Your Mark plate, number 4, and boy it's a good one! I think out of all the themes she has done, this has been the best. Everyone really seems to love these ones including me! 


26 GNAI - Yellow and one bold colour

Hey guys. Hope you are all well today. Today's 26 Great Nail Art Ideas is all about that yellow, and a bold colour. I actually used the yellow as my bold colour I guess as this neon is so damn bright! Then I stamped in black which is also a bold colour right?!


Uber Chic Collection 17 - Nail-Artisan review

Hey guys. Hope you had a lovely weekend. I spent mine relaxing really, spending time with my grandparents and writing up this week posts! I like to be organised when I can.
This post today is about Uber Chic Collection 17. This is a great collection with some cool images! We have layering, geometric, watermarble and more!


Jessica Glowing With Love Collection - swatches, review and nail art

Woohoo we made it through the week guys! I don't know about you but it feels like it's been a tough one even though it was a bank holiday on Monday. Counting the days till the next one lol.
I have a beautiful new collection to share with you guys from Jessica Nails called Glowing With Love. This collection is fit for any bride on their wedding day and it tells the story of a relationship. From the start of the romance, to the engagement and to the wedding <3


Uber Chic Collection 16 - Nail-Artisan review

Hey guys. Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I spent a bit of time with my mum and sister on Sunday down at the market in Brighouse. I made sure I was home Before Tour De Yorkshire came through though lol they closed the roads off for the bikes so it was a bit awkward getting around. 
Today I have a review of Uber Chic Collection 16. This collection has some lovely inspirational words, geometric patterns and of course florals.


26 GNAI - Work appropriate nail art

When it comes to my nails and work I am very lucky as I can do what I want. Heck.. this week I had one polish on the fingers of my swatch hand, a nail art design on my thumb and then a different colour on my Cindy! It's safe to say I have freedom when it comes to my nails at work but some people aren't that lucky. So for today's 26 GNAI the theme is work appropriate nail art.


Uber Chic Unicorn Love and Texture-licious - Nail-Artisan review

Hey guys! I hope you had a lovely weekend. We bought a seat for our garden and enjoyed a bit of the sun! 
I have some exciting Uber Chic goodies to show you today. They did an epic release recently and here's two of the items. A new Texture-licious plate and the most exciting thing ever..Unicorn Love!!


Uber Chic Collection 15 - Nail-Artisan review

Sigh...back to the grind stone after a nice long weekend, always a killer that first day back isn't it? Oh well, just a few weeks until the next bank holiday!  Today I'm sharing a few manis with you using Collection 15 by Uber Chic Beauty.



We are half way through April already...what is going on?! These weeks are going so quickly! Hope you all had a lovely Easter break and ate loads of Easter eggs! I have a mani up today that I did probably around a month or more ago lol I've just had other things to post so this poor mani has been pushed to the side! And that's a shame as I loved this!!


26 GNAI - Pastel to Bold with something on top

Wooo it's Easter Friday and that means I've had the day off work and chocolate lol! I hope you've had a great day and are looking forward to the nice long weekend. I have a new mani today as part of 26 Great Nail Art Ideas and the theme was pastel to bold with something on top. I don't actually have neons that would have been suitable for the pastels I wanted to use so I kept it simple with similar colours. 


Roxanne Campbell swatch, review and nail art

Hey guys. I hope you had a lovely weekend! I'm actually typing up this review on Sunday morning while sat in my garden in the sun....bliss! I was recently contacted by Roxanne Campbell to review one of her polishes. Roxanne is the lead manicurist/nail artist at London and New York fashion week. She has been a nail expert now for eleven years. She felt there was a gap in the market for unique fashion colours so she decided to release her own luxury nail polish.


Meebox - Miami Nice swatches and review

Happy Tuesday everyone!! I have a colourful post for you today. The awesome ladies at Meebox contacted me and asked if I would like to review March's box and I said yes! They must have read my mind as I was very tempted by the theme last month and almost bought it for myself for my birthday. The theme was Miami Nice and it actually reminded me a bit of the very first box in August 2015



Alternative Art Deco mani - Pretty Serious and Powder Perfect

Hey guys! Hope you are all well. We had such nice weather this weekend it's made me so ready for Spring, Summer and the colours that go with it! I did this mani a few weeks ago now but the colours are just perfect for my current mood!


Lina Stamping plates - Feeling Shapely 02 - Nail-Artisan

Hey guys. Hope you've all had a great week. On the blog tonight I have Feeling Shapely 02 by Lina Stamping Supplies sent for review by Nail-Artisan. If you haven't guessed it by the name. this plate is all about shapes and it's predominantly dots. We all know a dotticure is a nice simple mani to do but it's very easy and simple to do one with this plate!


Mermaid mani - ILNP and Bundle Monster

Hey lovely readers. I hope you had a fab weekend! It was my birthday on Sunday so I went out for a lovely  meal and got spoilt by my family. I also got some lovely presents from friends within the nail community which completely shocked me. People are so kind!
Today I have a nice simple mani to share with you which is actually what I wore to the spa a few weeks ago. I did something simple as I wanted both hands to match for a change lol


26 GNAI - Spring Animals

Don't you think that we sometimes take ourselves too serious?! So with that in mind I wanted to do some silly nail art with this week's 26 Great Nail Ideas prompt, Spring Animals. I did a fluffy chicken and a very questionable sheep lol!


Nailing Mental Health

I've gone all green for today's post guys and it's for a good cause! On the 2nd of April, Guinness book of world records have accepted a bid to smash a world record down in London. The record is to paint over 6078 peoples nails in the colour green, to mark the 6078 people that lost their battle in the UK and ROI against a mental illness in 2015. The mastermind behind this all is a lady called Stephanie Staunton. She is a professional manicurist and this is a very personal venture for her. Stephanie is hoping, along with 350 other manicurists, that they will raise £30k for MIND and for Nailing Mental Health.


Trosani UK product review - Polish and gel kit

Happy Friday all! Yesterday was technically my Friday as I had the day off work today and spent it at Gomersal Park Spa with my mum and sister. I wrote this post earlier on this week but I can guarantee I had an amazing time....how can you not at a spa all day?!
Today I am showing you a new to me product...peel off gel polish. Trosani UK contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I would be interested in trying their Ziplac peel off gel polish kit. I had to say yes as the concept really intrigued me. 


Pink Gellac - Candy Couture swatches and review

I don't know about you guys but I am so fed up with the current English weather. One minute it's raining, then windy and then sunny...just make your mind up already! We had a lovely day on Saturday and the sun was so warm and it made me want Spring to be here already. Well at least spring colours are coming!! I have the new Candy Couture collection by Pink Gellac to share with you all. It consists of 7 gorgeous colours that are perfect to bring us into spring.


26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Mixed Tape Mani

Happy Friday guys!! How quick has this week gone?! I was quite excited to share today's post with you as it's something a bit different. The prompt for this weeks 26 Great Nail Art Ideas is Mixed Tape Mani. If you're like me you probably would have thought of nail vinyls and striping tape but my lovely friend Kirsty of Fairytales Nails thought of a mix tape! You know...like the old cassette tapes we used to listen to music on back when we were kids! We decided to do a triplet mani and each do the same nail design. Unfortunately Becca, from A Certain Becca Nails, and myself didn't have any stamping plates with tapes on them :(
So we went with plan B!! 


Meet Me Over The Rainbow Bridge - A doggy tribute

Hey guys. Today's post is a bit of a sombre one. In our family we have had a few losses very recently, the four legged kind, and I wanted to give them my own little tribute post. Some people think dogs are just dogs but to us they are our family so it's heartbreaking when they cross to the rainbow bridge.