Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!!!

Omg! I finished work today for a whole week...I think I'm more excited for a week break rather than the fact that Santa is coming. Oh who am I kidding....Santa's coming!!


Lina Nail Art 4 Season - Winter 02

Happy hump day all!! Today's post is a review of the new 4 Seasons - Winter 02 plate by Lina Nail Art Supplies. I love the images on this plate and I also love that it's not just a Christmas plate, it's more seasonal, hence the name lol. So you could still buy it now and use it in the new year.


Red Carpet Manicure - Swatches and review

Hey guys. Hope you had a good weekend. This week I will have three posts for you as last week I didn't get chance to publish this post on Friday. Last week was a busy and mad one.
Today's post is a review of the Red Carpet Manicure starter kit and the Fiji collection.


Purple Holo Snow?!

Hey guys. Hope you had a nice weekend. I had a rather busy and dramatic one so didn't have much time for nail art or a long post today. The forecast for snow was really bad this weekend, but as I expected it didn't arrive! So I did some snow nails instead.


Meebox - Through The Looking Glass swatches and review.

*Press samples

Hey guys! Hope your week has been ok. I've had the last few days off work and I've but the Christmas decs up, wrapped presents, finished my Christmas shopping and I am officially in Christmas mode lol!! I'm afraid there is no Christmas in sight today as I have the recent Meebox, Thorough The Looking Glass, to share with you.


Holographic Christmas Lights

Hi guys. Hope you had a good weekend. Mine was a busy one! Christmas shopping, Christmas market, hot chocolate and marshmallows...but I still don't feel Christmassy yet :( I haven't even put our dec's up yet and normally I'm dying to put them up on the 1st! Hopefully I will start to feel festive soon. Today's nails aren't even helping but I do love them!


Engagement Nails!!

When I reviewed Uber Chic Collection 22 and did my 3D jewel nails it gave me an idea! My boyfriend and I got engaged in September and I realised that, with all the plates I have, I haven't actually done any engagement nails!


Uber Chic Collection 22 - Nail-Artisan review

Hey guys I hope you had a great weekend! Tonight on the blog I have a review of Uber Chic collection 22. I really love this collection! It's full of the classic designs like geometric pattern but then it also has some awesome layering images like the gems on the first plate..you just know I had to use them!


Wintry Nails - MoYou inspired

Happy Friday guys! Today I have a really wintery mani and it makes me feel so festive! I'm hoping popping to a Christmas market this weekend with a friend too...'tis the season to be festive!


Creative Shop 109 - plate review

Hey guys! Today I have a review for Creative shop. I have reviewed two of their stampers in the past but today's post is about a stamping plate. This is the first time I have tried a Creative Shop stamping plate so I was really excited to see what they are like.


Liv Oliv - Swatches and review

I have some gorgeous polishes from a new to me UK indie polish brand! Liv Oliv is a family run business based in the UK that makes cruelty free, non-toxic and vegan cosmetics. Today I have swatched some nail polishes and I did a few nail art looks with them on last Friday's post.


Uber Chic Holiday Jingle - Nail-Artisan review

*Press sample

Wooohoo is it Christmas yet?! no?? Well it is on my blog tonight! I have the newest Uber Chic Christmas plate to show you, Holiday Jingle. It's full of awesome layering images and all the usual things like Christmas jumper, candy canes, snow and more!


Lina Nail Art Supplies Twirls and Swirls - Nail-Artisan review

So we are in another week and I have new plates to show you this week! Today's review is all about the recent Swirls and Twirls plate by Lina Nail Art Supplies that was sent to me for review by Alex from Nail-Artisan. It's full of delicate swirly images and some that you can even layer...but for some reason I couldn't get my head around those when it came to stamping them lol.


Meebox - Femme Fatale

Hey guys. As this publishes I'll probably be feeling a bit ropey as I had a procedure today to test for Coeliacs disease. I won't fully go into the details but you can Google it if you really want to know lol. 
Today's review is about last months awesome Meebox!! It was an NCLA take over which was really interesting as I didn't even know that they did polish!?


Spooky Halloween nails

Happy Halloween everyone! Are you doing anything spooky tonight? A bit of trick or treating perhaps? I'm not doing anything as I'm too old for trick or treating, I currently don't have any kids, and I don't think my dog Maddie would appreciate being dressed up and walking the streets haha!

So I'm just joining in with a spooky mani inspired by Claire Estelle on Instagram. I absolutely loved the colours she used in this mani so I had to try recreate it.


Moonflower stamping polishes - Nail-Artisan review

Hey guys. I have a little review for you today of a new to me stamping polish brand called Moonflower Polish. Moonflower polish in an American indie brand that is 5 free. You can read more about it here, and Nail-Artisan in the UK has recently started stocking them. I have 4 mini bottles to show you today and I stamped both of them over black and white gel polish.


What's Up Nails Powder and Pigments review

*Press samples

Hey guys! Hope you had a good weekend. I spent mine editing and helping paint at my Gran's house. Nothing much you can do without a car lol luckily on Friday the garage confirmed that they were replacing the part and it can be ordered. I'm writing this on Saturday so hopefully when this goes live I will be on my way to pick my car up...fingers crossed!
On to today's review! I have some awesome nail powders and a pigment to show you from What's Up Nails.


Autumn Leaves Mani - What's Up Nails review

I have been so busy this week that I am currently writing this post at work on my dinner break, as I have no car :( So I can't go home and walk my Maddie. Luckily I have a brilliant Gran that is on dog walking duty today bless her. Hopefully the car will be sorted (fingers crossed!!)
Today's review is another What's Up Nails plate and it's B021 Autumn Tales. This plate has got everything from leaves, to acorns, to foxes and even cute hedgehogs!


Uber Chic Radiate Love - Nail- Artisan review

Another Friday and another week gone. Hope your week has been better than mine! On to today's Nail-Artisan review. So you would think with it being Friday the 13th I would have something spooky or superstitious....nope, I have a new plate from Uber Chic called Radiate Love haha!


Meebox - Bollywood Nights swatches and review

Hey guys! Hope you had a fab weekend. Today I have a review of the recent Meebox, Bollywood Nights. I loved this theme as the colours were just gorgeous and it was nice to have a more personal touch to the box as the lovely Bee was the main inspiration behind this one!


Pink Gellac - Uncovered3 swatches and review

Happy Friday all! I have another swatch post tonight and this time it's gel polish! Pink Gellac have released a new collection to ease us into Autumn. Uncovered3 consists of 7 gorgeous lilac and pink toned colours.


Jessica Nails - Street Style swatches and review

Hey guys! It is now official Autumn and I am loving all the Autumnal polish collection that are out. The collection I have on my blog today is the new Street Style collection by Jessica Nails. Six gorgeous cremes that are perfect for the Autumn days!   


26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Your Signature Style

Happy Friday all!! We made it through another week and it's been another tough one. I've had a terrible cold and decided to get a rook piercing done at the weekend lol not a good idea when you are under the weather. 
Today's post is our last instalment of 26 Great Nail Art Ideas and the them is your signature style.


Holiday Nails - Candy Coat and Lina Nail Art Supplies

It's been nearly 3 weeks since my holiday and it's becoming a distant memory lol so thought I'd best hurry up and post the nails that I did for my holiday!


Uber Chic Collection 20 - Nail art and review

Ooo it's finally Friday again! This week has been a bit of a tiring one. My work colleague has been on holiday so I've been busy but lonely :( and home life was been a bit hectic at the beginning of the week.  So it's safe to say I'm happy it's the weekend. Today's review is of Uber Chic Collection 20. This collection is bursting with lots of different items. Butterflies, flower, polish bottles, mandalas and so much more! 


26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Autumn - Uber Chic Lovely Leaves

This is the penultimate 26 Great Nail Art Ideas post and it ties in perfectly with a plate review I need to do! The theme is Autumn and recently, Uber Chic released a new Lovely Leaves 02 plate and it is just beautiful. 


The One Nail Queen Guest Post - Nail Art Essentials

Hey guys. I have another guest post for you today and this one is by my all time nail bestie, Sam! t was actually Sam that first introduced me to the likes of Uber Chic and created the stamping monster that I am today haha! I hope you enjoy Sam's awesome post about her favourite nail art essentials.

Hello all!  Wow, I’m not used to such a big audience (*loosens collar*) so if you don’t know me, that’s cool!  My name is Sam AKA @theonenailqueen in London (more Instagrammer than blogger), and the lovely Beth has asked me to write a post whilst she get back into blogging after her holiday.
I thought I’d write something that fellow nail art lovers might find useful if you’re starting out in the vast and ever expanding world of nail art!  I’m a massive fan of stamping primarily, but I also enjoy the odd holo pigment, so let’s get going…

UNT Peel Off Base Coat
This stuff is a life saver!  If you change your polish a lot, this will make things sooooo much easier for you!  To get my polish off when I use this, I loosen the polish with some oil ( I don’t tend to use oil when I’m wearing UNT because it can activate the undesired effect of your polish popping off!).  Once you’ve rubbed a generous amount of oil around the base of your nail, I use an orange wood stick (or another nail…naughty) to pop it off!  Et voila!
I find it lasts the longest with thin coats of polish, so gradients last well; my thick smooshy manis and glitter polishes, not so much.  Another great thing is that you can use this as a base if you’re using gel polish with say pigments, or glitters, and it peels off in the same way!  I often give my nails a wipe with some polish remover after removing UNT just to get rid of any residue before the next mani.


Miss_Sock Guest Post - Space Unicorn

Hey guys! So I was on holiday last week but you won't have known as I scheduled my posts to publish while I was away :) Normally people have guest posts while they are away but I did it a bit differently. This week I have two guest post while I get back into the swing of things after my lovely holiday to Tenerife, but more on that soon! Today's post is by the lovely Jen from Miss_Sock.

Hi guys, Sock here!
So the lovely Bethany kindly invited me to guest post on her blog and of course I jumped at the chance!  I wanted to do something fun, but living up to all the wonderful designs that Bethany has created – so I settled on these super cute watermarbled and reverse stamped Space Unicorn nails!


Uber Chic Halloween 03 review

Things are getting a bit spooky around here today with Uber Chic Halloween 03! Yes I know it's only September but that gives you plenty of chance to go get this plate from Nail-Artisan and start doing those Halloween designs.


26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Dotting tools, not just dots!

Oh my word...this has got to be one of the worst manis I have done haha! Today's prompt for 26 Great Nail Art Ideas was dotting tools, not just dots! I don't like dotting tools as I don't really use them for actual nail art. They are great for picking up things like studs etc but for actually nail art...not for me.


Meebox Born This Way swatches and review

Hey guys! Hope you had a great bank holiday weekend. It's always nice to have that extra days isn't it? I spent it relaxing and catching up on my blog posts and it feels so good to have some scheduled now :)

On to today's post and we have the most recent Meebox from August, Born This Way. This is an extra special box as it's Meebox's 2nd birthday so a Lady GaGa themed box is ideal. We are all born the way we are so why not celebrate that?!


Shattered glass nails

Happy Friday all! Hope you've had a fab week! I've had a bit of a busy one at work so it's gone quick and I'm looking forward to the bank holiday weekend. Today I having another Leighton Denny and Charlie's Nail Art combo!


Daisy Flower mani - Leighton Denny and Charlies Nail Art

Hey guys. I hope you had a good weekend. I went to the opening weekend of The Piece Hall in Halifax with my mum, sister and gran and we had a lovely girly time. Today's mani is also very girly! A lovely shimmery base colour with some daisies. 


26 Great Nail Art Ideas - The end of summer

Oh..mmm.geee it's finally Friday! My work colleague has been off this week and it's been soooo lonely sat on our desk on my own lol so I am glad this week is over! Today's post is another 26 Great Nail Art Ideas and this theme was a bit random...The end of summer.  I like posts like these as they are totally down to your interpretation. So off to Google I went to get some ideas and came across a gorgeous picture that I based my mani on!



Dancing In The Rain - Watermarble with stamping

Happy Friday all! Well we've had some miserable days lately with the weather haven't we?! This mani that I did a few weeks back is very appropriate lol. It also includes part of one of mine and my Mum's favourite sayings, Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning how to dance in the rain.


Meebox - Birds of Paradise - Swatches and review

Hey guys! Today's post is a really exciting one for me. The lovely ladies at Meebox recently asked me if I would like to join their team and become their third ambassador! OH M GEEEE! I was super excited and so honoured! It's coming up to their second birthday and I remember reviewing their first box. They have done so well in the past two years and everyone who tries this subscription box just loves it!

This months theme is Birds Of Paradise which as you can guess it has a more tropical feel. The box contains three polishes, one of which is a stamping polish, a stamping plate, stamper and a nail polish corrector.


26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Colour Explosion

Happy Friday guys and welcome to another 26 Great Nail Art Ideas! Today's prompt is colour explosion. I'm not really sure this can be classed as a colour "explosion" but my thought behind it was to use a pastel base and then add some neon stamping!


Lina Stamping Supplies - 4 Season Summer 02

Hey guys. I hope you had a great weekend. We spent Saturday digging our back garden and painting tiles...oh the joys of owning your own house! Today I have another Lina Stamping Supplies review and it's the new 4 Seasons - Summer 02 plate.  Another fab summer plate with a great range of images. You have palm trees, flowers, fruit and even some chilli!


Uber Chic School is Cool and Fairytale 02 review

Hey lovely readers. I hope you had an ok week and have a nice weekend ahead of you. We have a garden party...but not one you would expect. lol I have a few family coming around to help us dig out the garden haha oh the joys of owning your own house and trying to save money by doing jobs yourself. Anyway, you're not here to hear about my social life, you're here for the plates! Today I have manis using two new plates by Uber Chic. Fairytale 02 and School is Cool.


Lina Stamping Supplies - Born To Sail 02 - Nail-Artisan

Happy hump day! Hope you've had a good week so far. I've got a few days off work now and I feel need the break with everything that's gone on.
Today I have a review of the lovely Born to Sail plate 02! I just love nautical images so this plate is just perfect for me.


Twinkled T Stamping Polish review

Unless you live under a rock, you must have heard that Twinkled T have started selling their own stamping polishes! I saw Twi-Star do a swatch video and commented on how awesome they looked and then next thing you know..I had an email from Twinkled T! I was so honoured that they had asked if I would like to review these polishes so of course I had to say yes. They also sent me other items such as clean up brush, dotting tools, XL Clear stamper and the Glamour Mat. I've not had a chance to use the other items just but I'll be using them soon!


26 Great Nail Art Ideas - Sunshine

Today's post is a hard one to write but I feel I need to do it. This week's 26 Great Nail Art Ideas challenge is Sunshine and I had this idea right from the start around a year ago when the themes were first announced. My Gran and Gar always called me their Sunshine, mainly my Gran, and she would sing this song to me when I was little. I even have an Elephant teddy that used to hum the tune. I wore it out so much my Gar fixed it a few times it but it broke a long time ago. This Monday he passed away unexpectedly and we are all so heartbroken.


License to Be Sexy! 01 - Lina Stamping Supplies review

Woo it's Friday guys! Feels like it's been a long week as I've come down with a cold :( booooo! So as I am writing this I can't stop sneezing lol. Today on the blog I have a nice lacey number....a plate that is! The License to Be Sexy! 01 from Lina Stamping Supplies is full of gorgeous lace images. 


Uber Chic Collection 19 Review - Nail-Artisan

Hey guys. Hope you all had a lovely weekend. We didn't really do much to be honest, just a chilled out one. On the blog today I have a review of the new Uber Chic Collection 19. This collection is filled with fruity images perfect for summer! We've got layered strawberries, layered ice-cream cones and even an image designed especially for radial gradients.


26 GNAI - Beach

Happy Friday everyone! I have another instalment of 26 Great Nail Art Ideas and this week we had a choice of two themes. Beach or Animal Silhouettes. I have been looking the Uber Chic Vacation Mode plate so I had to choose Beach!


Meebox Ibiza mee - swatches and review

You might need your sunnies for today's post guys! I was sent the Ibiza mee Meebox to swatch and review this month and it was packed full of items. As you would expect from the theme, Ibiza mee, we had some neons! Yay for neons! In the box were three full size polishes, a mini white base coat (neon activator) and two nail art items. So lets get into the swatches.